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To our valiant brothers who died
In the service of our country
In World War I
Knights of Pythias - State of New York

Sidney A Schwartz 60th Infantry, Machine Co. Triange Lodge #153
Morris Dickstein 4th Infantry, Co. C Cosmopolitan Lodge #202
Louis I Hirschfield 30th Infantry Co. D, Cosmopolitan Lodge #202
Solomon D. Katz 41st Co. Provost Guard, Cosmopolitan Lodge #202
David Riesman Commissary Dept. Washington D. C. Nonpareil Lodge #214
Jerome Heine 111th Infantry Co. 11 Pinta Lodge #331
David M. Klein 307th Infantry Co. K Columbus Lodge #332
Jesse Steinthal 308th Infantry Co. K. Sioux Lodge #337
Alexander Goldberg 308th Infantry Claremore Lodge #451
Emanuel Brode 30th Infantry Headquarters Co. Fancourt Lodge#452
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