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Boston Bombing Survivor
Jeff Bauman, 27, was waiting to cheer his girlfriend at the Boston Marathon finish line when two pressure-cooker bombs exploded, shredding his legs and puncturing both eardrums. A photo of an ashen-faced Bauman taken moments after the attack appeared on front pages around the world.
New York Times photographer John Haner spent 21 days over three months documenting Bauman's arduous recovery and his adaptation to prosthetic legs. The first day, Bauman's mother kicked Haner out, fearing the photographer would be a distraction. Undaunted, Haner returned the next day to photograph Bauman's three-hour physical therapy session. Bauman finished his last 15 repetitions with a hand weight and slumped back, exhausted. Standing on a chair, Haner captured this image.
Haner wants his photos of Bauman to remind people of the struggle ahead for the survivors of the bombing, which killed three people and wounded more than 260. Bauman "was a sporting event, and his life changed in the blink of an eye," said Haner.
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