Existing comment: 40 Chances
Finding Hope in a Hungry World
The photography of Howard G. Buffett
Farmers get about 40 seasons over a lifetime to plant their crops and improve their harvests, and each of us has about 40 chances to accomplish our life goals and create lasting change.
Philanthropist Howard G. Buffett reflects this realization through his photojournalism, documenting the global hunger crisis and inspiring others to make the most of their own 40 chances to improve the world.
Nearly 800 million people worldwide suffer from chronic hunger. Armed with his camera, Buffett has traveled to 137 countries over the past two decades seeking solutions to the hunger crisis. These images reflect Buffett's belief that hunger cannot be separated from poverty, conflict, fear and lack of opportunity for women.
Journalists play a vital role in documenting the causes of hunger, but cutbacks in the news industry limit their ability to cover these critical issues. The Howard G. Buffett Foundation works with the International Women's Media Foundation to support the work of journalists reporting on hunger, poverty and conflict around the globe.
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