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<b>Look for us in the T.RUMP Bus as we motor through the battleground states.</b>
Working under the name t.Rutt, artists David Gleeson and Mary Mihelic bought Donald Trump’s campaign bus when it went up for sale on Craigslist last Fall. Gleeson and Mihelic have transformed the bus into an anti-Trump contemporary artwork that is traveling the country. All the original Trump campaign artwork remains on the bus but it has been artistically altered and transformed into the T.RUMP Bus.
The artwork on and inside the T.RUMP Bus has evolved as an artistic rebuke against Trump’s divisive, xenophobic and misogynistic campaign rhetoric. Our artwork on the bus has also addressed issues ranging from the worries about Trump’s potential fascism to the sophomoric dialogue about the size of Mr. Trump’s hands. We are finding that our artwork around the T.RUMP Bus often probes the psychological and emotional state of Mr. Trump, including his reliability as a potential leader of United States.
We have driven the T.RUMP Bus through over 40 states and are now completing a big trip through the American West including California for its primary. As we drive around the country, we pull off in small towns and engage with the public about Donald Trump. We also hit Trump rallies, Clinton and Sanders events, and more.
02.22 - colts creek GAThe T.RUMP Bus is a non-partisan contemporary artwork. It has a million miles on it and doesn’t go faster than 60 mph. It has been featured on The Rachel Maddow Show and in publications around the world including Hyperallergic, Artnet, The Guardian, the Atlantic Monthly, the State, and more…
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