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The Dresser
Walt Whitman
(surrounding station entrance)

We Embrace
E. Ethelbert Miller, 2005
(surrounding bench)

This excerpt from Walt Whitman's "The Dresser" (1865 version) and "We Embrace" by E. Ethelbert Miller are fitting tributes to the responses of volunteers and caregivers who gave tirelessly to people living with HIV and AIDS in Washington, D.C.

Ward One Councilmember Jim Graham initiated this project and worked with this colleagues on the WMATA Board of Directors and the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities to make this tribute a reality.

WMATA Board of Directors
Chair, Elizabeth Hewlett
Vice Chair, Christopher Zimmerman
2nd Vice Chair, Jim Graham

Commissioned by
DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities
DC Creates Public Art Program
In cooperation with
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
Art in Transit Program

Dedicated July 14, 2007

DCCAH 2007.001
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