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New York Printer William Bradford

With his recent imprisonment fresh in his memory, William Bradford relocated from Philadelphia to New York, where he was promised the freedom to print whatever work he might procure. Bradford wanted to clarify the circumstances of his previous conviction in Philadelphia, resulting in the printing of New-England’s Spirit of Persecution Transmitted to Pennsilvania, usually identified as the first book printed at his New York press. The move to New York proved to be the beginning of an auspicious fifty-year career as royal printer to the colony and the official printer for New Jersey, as well as the beginning of a long line of Bradford family printers. The copy shown here is believed to be one of only five extant volumes of this publication.

Keith George and Thomas Budd. New-England’s Spirit of Persecution Transmitted to Pennsilvania and Pretended Quaker Found Persecuting the True Christian-Quaker. New York: William Bradford, 1693.
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