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Library of Congress Copy of the Bay Psalm Book

The Library of Congress copy of the Bay Psalm Book arrived at the Library in the 1960s. The copy is in its original binding. This volume is one of the eleven extant copies of the Bay Psalm Book; it is one of the five surviving copies that lack a title page. Years before this volume was given to the Library, twelve pages were removed to complete another copy, now held by the New York Public Library. Meant to be sung during worship service, the metered rhyme imposed on the psalms often produced a somewhat awkward result. The book is open to the Psalm 23:

The Lord to mee a shepheard is,
want therefore shall not I,
Hee in the folds of tender-grasse,
doth cause mee downe to lie:

The Whole Booke of Psalmes Faithfully Translated into English Metre. . . . Cambridge, Massachusetts: Stephen Daye, 1640.
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