Existing comment: VAU Fallen Heroes Memorial
VAU Veterans & Athletes United

This flag is displayed in honor of all the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Global War on Terror (GWOT).  It is constructed over over 7,000 dog tags and includes 50 gold stars recognizing families of the fallen.  The battlefield cross displayed was sculpted by veteran artistist [sic] Alicia Dietz.

Veterans & Athletes United (VUA), an all-volunteer nonprofit run by veterans, created this traveling memorial to ensure these heroes are never forgotten.  It is a symbol of the price paid for our freedoms and a reminder to always honor our country's flag.

Tags are in alphabetical order ranging from 9/11/01 to 1/1/18.  Thereafter, the tags at the end of the flag have been placed as closely in chronological order as possible, as DOD continues to release names post 1/1/18.  Sadly as the war continues, we will fill the blank tags at the end of the flag ...
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