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Cottage Doors
North Entrance
Board and Batten

Restoration and preservation are the preferred treatments of historic material at the Cottage. While much of the Cottage's architectural features and materials are original to the house, there are times when replacement of a material or feature is the more appropriate choice. After 163 years of consistent use and exposure to the elements, as well as significant structural alterations, the original front doors were stored for future research and new doors were constructed to match the size and details seen in Lincoln's time. Today, these doors provide an invitation to contemplate both what Lincoln was thinking as he turned its knob each night, and the doors we need to open to make this nation more perfect for all.
When you walk through the doors of President Lincoln's Cottage, you are entering a place where Abraham Lincoln wrestled with some of the most divisive issues of his time. We preserve this place not only to gaze on its beautiful features but to keep this home a beacon of hope and a reminder that our country was built on the premise that there still was work to do -- that we are constantly striving for a more perfect union.
Please handle doors gently.
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