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Tad Lincoln's Photo Album of the 150th Pennsylvania
For Thomas "Tad" Lincoln, the Bucktails filled a significant void after the death of his older brother Willie. The Bucktails showed their humor and affection for Tad by declaring him third lieutenant -- inviting him to wear a uniform, drill on his pony, and "take mess" with the soldiers. Private AN See reflected that Tad "seemed as much at home with us as though he was one of us, and we could not have thought more of him if he had been a brother."
The Bucktails presented Tad with this album, which includes photographs of each of the one hundred members of Company K, taken at Mathew Brady's Washington DC studio.
Many years later See wrote to Robert Lincoln, Tad's only surviving brother, asking if he could have the album. Robert declined, explaining that of all of his youngest brother's possessions the album was Robert's favorite. It reminded him of Tad, and "showed the esteem the men who knew him best placed on him."
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