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"We are in camp 3 miles from Washington guarding the soldiers home where Uncle Abe lives. He goes by every day to the city and we have to salute him... The soldiers home is the nicest place I ever seen."
-- Private Willard A Cutter, Company K, 150th Pennsylvania Volunteers, September 10, 1862

Very reluctantly, in 1862 Lincoln accepted a military escort for his trips to and from the White House. The president grew to enjoy the company of the cavalrymen of the 11th New York and the Union Light Guard of Ohio, as well as that of the 150th Pennsylvania infantrymen assigned to protect him.

"Mrs. Lincoln moved out to the 'Soldiers Home' about a mile and a half from the city this past week... John [Hay] and I are left almost alone in the house here... the crowd only coming when they know the President to be about."
-- John G. Nicolay, private secretary to President Lincoln, on life in the White House, June 15, 1862
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