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Dustin Yellin: Psychogeographies

About the Psychogeographies
I've always wanted my work to underscore the diversity of our shared consciousness, the historical, the present, and the projected future we all share. So in representing the human form--and its imaginary spaces--I'm engaging art's most recognizable enterprise while complicating it by revising the human figure through the use of different media and technique.

The images and materials of our culture fills the frenetic, high-definition space created within the glass. What's included in each figure has been applied by hand and each application becomes a node in an almost infinite series of linkages. Each figure is more like a micro-internet than a human being. We are an ecology of images and desires and histories as diverse as a tropical forest: at any given time, we are these "psychogeographic" maps. We are selves made of pictures.
--Dustin Yellin

About the Artist:
Born in California in 1975 and raised in Colorado, Dustin Yellin now lives in Brooklyn, New York. In 2010, he founded Pioneer Works, a social sculpture and non-profit institute for art and innovation in Red Hook. The capacious site is a venue for conceptual and creative cross-pollination, a quarter where resident artists and thinkers from diverse disciplines can interact without normative restrictions, ideally producing social change through innovative work.

For more information on Dustin Yellin and Pioneer Works, visit dustinyellin.com or pioneerworks.org.
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