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Richard C. Hottelet, the last of the original "Murrow's Boys" hired by Edward R. Murrow to cover the war for CBS, died December 17, 2014. He's shown here at the National Press Club in 2006 for Marvin Kalb Reports. (Kalb was the last-hired "Murrow Boy.")
(The 11 original "Boys" were William L. Shirer, Eric Sevareid, Tom Grandin, Larry LeSueur, Charles Collingwood, Howard K. Smith, Winston Burdett, Bill Downs, Mary Marvin Breckinridge, Cecil Brown, and Richard C. Hottelet. The 7 Second Generation "Boys" were Walter Cronkite, David Schoenbrun, Daniel Schorr, Alexander Kendrick, Robert Pierpoint, George Polk, and Marvin Kalb.)
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