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The Gatehouse provided a stunning first impression for those visiting William Wyman's estate in the late 19th century. Wyman owned much of the land that is now Homewood campus. He loved nature and kept the grounds mostly undeveloped. The two major buildings he established here were the Villa, where he resided, and the Gatehouse, also known as Homewood Lodge, which was the public entrance to his estate.
Wyman, along with architect Louis Bucher, chose an Italianate style for both buildings. In contrast to the wooden construction of the Villa, Wyman had the Gatehouse made of a green stone, called serpentine. This made it blend with the green forests surrounding it.
After Wyman gave the land to Johns Hopkins University in 1902, student groups met in this building. The Johns Hopkins New-Letter made the Gatehouse its home in October 1965 and remains here to this day.
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