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The Hermitage Church:
In 1823, General Andrew Jackson led the effort to build a new church for the surrounding community. Rachel Jackson, a devout Christian, undoubtedly influenced his decision. He donated two acres of Hermitage land for the church and he also made a large cash contribution. In 1824, the nine charter members of the congregation named their new church Ephesus Church. The Ephesus Church members did not follow any denomination until 1832, when they joined the Nashville Presbytery.
Rachel was an original church member, but Jackson was not. He believed that some people would think he joined the church for political reasons. However, Jackson promised Rachel that he would join the church when his political career ended. After serving two terms as president, he fulfilled his vow on July 15, 1838, when he became a member of the Epheseus Church.
In 1839, Jackson and his neighbors undertook a modest remodeling of the church. That same year, the congregation changed the name of the church to the Hermitage Church in honor of Jackson. The Hermitage Church continued as a place of worship until 1965, when a fire gutted the building. Soon after The Ladies' Hermitage Association donated five acres on the boundary of their property where the congregation built a new church. In return, the congregation gave the ruins of the old Church to the LHA. The LHA spent nearly four years restoring the church to its 1839 appearance and in May 1969 they official rededicated the church.
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