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Capitol Design as Completed
Charles Bulfinch

When Charles Bulfinch was appointed Architect of the Capitol in 1818, the Capitol has been under construction for 25 years. His principal contributions to the Capitol's exterior appearance are the west central building, the wooden dome, and the landscaped grounds enclosed by an iron and stone fence. Bulfinch built the east central portico using Thornton's design as modified by Latrobe. These watercolors were painted near the end of Bulfinch's career in Washington.
The model shows how the Capitol and the grounds looked from the time of their completion in 1829 until their enlargement later in the nineteenth century. The earthen and masonry terrace on the west front formed courtyards that hid privies and other necessities. The cupolas over the House and Senate wings were constructed by Bulfinch using Latrobe's post-fire designs.
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