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Forrest Marbury House
Circa 1788
Category I Landmark
National Register of Historic Places

* Site of a dinner hosted by General Uriah Forrest for his old friend and former commander, President George Washington, on March 29, 1791. Landowners of Carrollsburg and George town attended. An agreement was reached for the sale of half of their land within the newly designated 10 mile square Federal District thus creating a new capital city for the United States of America. Immediately thereafter, Pierre L'Enfant began to lay out the Magnificent City of Washington, D.C.

* From 1800 to 1835, residence of the William Marbury of the legal case ‘Marbury vs. Madison’. In 1803, through this case, the United States Supreme Court established its right to judicial review of congressional action.

* In 1988, The Forrest Marbury House was restored by George C. Gerber, Alastair G. Law, and their families in time for the celebrations of the Bicentennials of the Constitution, George Washington's inauguration and the Founding of Washington, D.C.
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