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Department of Justice Building:
Constructed: 1931-1935
Architects: Zantzinter, Borie and Medary of Philadelphia, Pa.
Carl Paul Jennewein was selected by the architects to produce some fifty-six works of architectural sculpture for this building's exterior and interior. Although he began his career as a trained modeler and mural painter, he was self taught sculptor. He won the Prix de Rome competition as sculptor in 1916 and devoted the rest of his life to sculpture.
Various studio assistants on the project included Henry Kreis, Leo Lentelli, Armin A. Scheler, and Carl L. Schmitz.
The models for an estimated 267 exterior and interior decorative ornaments were made by Anthony DiLorenzo of New York under Jennewein's supervision.
The John Donnelly Company carved the limestone architectural sculpture.
The sculptures were produced and executed between 1932 and 1936 at an estimated cost of $188,300 (in 1986 dollars, $1,503,185).
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