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Two Armies: Civil War Soldiers:
Andrew Jackson Snow was 20 years old and living in Tennessee when the Civil war broke out. He decided to enlist in the Union Army in 1861 after General Zollicoffer and his Confederate soldiers took over Eastern Tennessee. He traveled to Kentucky where he began drilling and preparing for battle against General Zollicoffer. In June 1862, Snow's regiment under General George Morgan marched up Powell's Valley and took the Gap without resistance, for the rebels had fled. For the next three months, they camped in a valley south of the Gap. In September, the Confederates started cutting the Union's meager supplies from the north and surrounding them from the south. Snow's unit decided to move out. As they marched in darkness that night, Snow could hear blasting at the Gap, where General Morgan's rear guard was blowing up its own ammunition supplies so they would not fall into Confederate hands.
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