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The Baltimore Riots:
Many members of the Democratic-Republican Party viewed opposition to the war as treasonous. This sentiment was especially strong in Baltimore, which had a large population of French, Irish, and German immigrants who especially hated the British. On June 18, 1812 (the day after war was declared) the anti-war Federalist newspaper the Federal Republican published an editorial criticizing President Madison for going to war without adequate funding, troops, ships or fortifications. The papers offices were destroyed by a mob and its editors, Jacob Wagner and Alexander Contee Hanson, fled to Georgetown. When they returned to Baltimore five weeks later, they were tarred and feathered in the streets by an angry Baltimore mob.

and every patriot heart must unite in its support!
One witness noted, "During this whole time the Mob continued to torture their mangled bodies, by beating first one and then the other; sticking penknives into their faces and hands, and opening their eyes and dropping hot candle grease into them."
The Washington National Intelligencer
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