Existing comment: Tim Kerr
Austin, TX
Tim Kerr's vivid memories of his 1960s elementary school experience in Texas have a distinct, enduring influence on his work. Tim also draws inspiration from the comic-style drawings on instructional cards -- how to brush your teeth, old math flash cards, and science charts -- and, in his own paintings, includes instructions for us regarding the people and heroes that he believes we should admire. His paintings of these icons -- among them John Coltrane, Rosa Parks, and Lou Gehrig -- contain brief narratives or quotes from the featured icon, an effort to perpetuate the same spirit of social change that his subjects championed: "I think by representing everyday people, famous or not, who were involved in social change -- music, art, and just life -- I just might plant that same seed in someone else and show them that we are all indeed making history." Tim, who was born and raised in Texas, mostly paints on cardboard, school maps, chalkboards and wood. His work has been known to include everything from house paint, acrylic and tempera paints to oil sticks, crayons, pencils and pens. The equation and vocabulary that make up the final result derive from his childhood as well as his involvement in the graffiti/DIY/punk/hardcore/skateboard community since the late-1970s.
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