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Seth Boyden

Born Nov. 17, 1788 Foxborough, Mass.
Died March 31 1870 Hilton, N.J.

Pioneer in mechanics : Benefactor of industry : Loved work that his fellow man might be benefited : A modest, helpful citizen of Newark: An inspiring example for young and old : His inventive faculty led him far afield into art, physics, chemistry, horticulture and botany.

1810 Nail and brad making machines
1816 Leather splitting machinery
1819 Patent leather
1826 Malleable iron
1837 Locomotive for Morris & Essex R.R.
1843 Steam engine cut-off
1844 Reduction of zinc ores
1855 Developed Hilton strawberries
1868 Orodide metal
1868 Machine to form hat bodies

Produced the first daguerreotype in this country.
Aided Morse in developing telegraphy

"Seth Boyden was one of America’s greatest inventors" – Thomas A. Edison

Tablet erected November 17, 1890
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