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A Monumental Legacy
National Mall and Memorial Parks

The Washington Monument honors George Washington, hero of the American Revolution and first president of the United States. When this stunning stone obelisk was completed in 1884, it was the tallest building in the world. Today the monument towers over Washington, DC, reminding us of Washington's life and legacy, including the capital city that bears his name.

The Washington Monument is closed until spring 2019
Mechanical, electrical, and computer issues have shuttered the monument since August 17, 2016.

Businessman and philanthropist David M. Rubenstein pledged funding for the National Park Service to modernize the elevator. Rubenstein's gift to the National Park Foundation's Centennial Campaign for America's National Parks will allow the National Park Service to replace the computer system, add a remote diagnostics, refurbish the elevator machine and gear, replacing existing hardware, and install audio/visual screens.
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