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Henry W. Slocum 1760–1851
Born Delphi, New York

Henry W. Slocum saw action in a number of the Civil War’s critical campaigns. He was severely wounded at the Battle of First Bull Run (Manassas) but recovered to lead a brigade and later a division during General George McClellan’s operations on the Virginia peninsula. Promoted to major general in 1862, Slocum provided cover to retreating Union troops after Second Bull Run and later fought in Maryland at South Mountain and Antietam. He was highly critical of General Joseph Hooker’s conduct during the Battle at Chancellorsville, where Slocum’s Twelfth Corps suffered heavy casualties. After commanding the Union army’s right wing on Culp’s Hill at the Battle of Gettysburg, Slocum was ordered to the war’s western theater, where he balked at serving again under Hooker. Assigned to alternate duties, he led the first Union troops to enter Atlanta in September 1864 and took part in Sherman’s march through Georgia and subsequent campaign in the Carolinas.
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