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Dana Tai Soon Burgess born 1968
Born Carmel, California
Dana Tai Soon Burgess grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the son of an Irish American father and a Korean American mother. Throughout his career he has explored this “hyphenated” cultural status in much of his dance and choreography. Burgess’s life as a dancer began at age sixteen, and he went on to earn degrees in dance from the University of New Mexico and George Washington University (GWU). He founded the Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company in 1992 as a way of fusing Eastern and Western influences in his training, and has recruited dancers who possess similarly diverse backgrounds. His experience with varied forms of movement, such as contemporary dance, ballet, and martial arts, is reflected in works such as “Hyphen” and “Becoming American,” which explore questions of identity and belonging. Burgess also serves as the chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance at GWU and as a State Department cultural ambassador.
CYJO (born 1974)
Pigment print, 2007 (printed 2014)
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