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The production department at the Washington Navy Yard consisted of twenty-one shops that facilitated the manufacture of various elements of ordnance. The largest branch of the production department was the Metal Processing Division, which was responsible for fabricating sheets and plates of metals including iron, bronze, and steel. At Building 167, the Boilermakers Shop, trained workers tested and repaired boiler room equipment; renewed parts such as tubes, gauges, and valves; repaired metal plates and brickwork for boilers; checked seams, rivets, and welds; fitted pipes, laid out heavy sheet metal work; and maintained and repaired condensers, evaporators, heaters, pumps, and other miscellaneous parts.

In this photograph, boilermakers and helpers postheat a 3-inch AA gun clover leaf lifting lug. This intermediate step in the process of straightening a steel lug was completed after the electric welding and prior to the stress relief treatment. The highly skilled men and women who worked at the Navy Yard guaranteed the quality of the ordnance, helping to make the U.S. Naval the strongest in the world.
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