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Timothy Pruce, 2010

β€œIn August 1994, one week before my 34th birthday, my life as I knew it changed dramatically when I was in a car accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. The 10-second accident took away 34 years of who I had become and all that I had achieved, but have also given me 17 years to become a different person with new insights and achievements. When I was first taken to the hospital, I was suffering from partial paralysis on my right side, so nobody paid any attention to my head injury. My head had lurched forward and hit the steering wheel and snapped back and hit the head rest. When I regained consciousness, my processing was very slow, my short and long term memory severely affected and I was very disoriented most of the time. It was the physical therapist who was treating me for the paralysis at the time who recognized my deficits and referred me to a brain injury specialist. I still have all the deficits I initially sustained from that accident 17 years ago, but they are less pronounced and I have learned to adapt and compensate for them. I live and deal with my brain injury on a daily basis, it is part of who I am now and it has helped motivate me to become a patient and caring father, husband, friend, and advocate. My hope is that my journey and example can help motivate others, and show that life goes on after sustaining and living with a TBI.”
-β€” Timothy Pruce
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