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Claudia Carreon, 2011

Kept on active duty after her accident, Claudia was demoted for not obeying orders. Due to her TBI, she could not remember orders. She cannot remember either being pregnant, giving birth, or being a mother. Claudia is one of more than 320,000 service-members having sustained a TBI in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

“I indeed don't remember how I was injured, but I know that living with TBI can be complicated at times. TBI has shaped my life in a whole different way than anybody else, and also has brought me knowledge and recognition from people that I would never think of. The daily thought of how blessed I am to still be around -- to have the opportunity to live in the company of my beautiful children, mother, siblings; to be able to walk, run, go up and down the stairs, talk, laugh, see, think on my own, love, and many, many more things that are gifts given to us, no questions asked, by the Almighty God -- yet some of us as human beings tend to take them for granted and forget the purpose of life.”
-— Claudia Carreon
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