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Artist: Y. David Chung
Title: Scenes of Rosslyn (2000)
Material: mineral paint on concrete panels
Eleven separate panels comprise this 88' long panoramic mural of Rosslyn. The mural's size and sitting -- which do not allow it to be apprehended by the viewer in one glance -- as well as its stylized imagery make it appear from Moore Street outside like an abstract pattern of colors and forms. Upon closer inspection inside the station, familiar elements of the Rosslyn neighborhood's
urban landscapes emerge and morph into one another, in a serial effect that relates to film and graphic novels/comic strips: Key Bridge; the curved form
of one of Rosslyn's twin towers; a flowering dogwood, the Virginia state tree; the Arlington Temple United Methodist Church building, which houses both a place of worship and a gas station; and even another of Rosslyn's public artworks. The work's dynamic lines connote the experience and perspective of a person moving through the streets.
Funded by Arlington County, and the Federal Transit Administrations Livable Communities Initiative with support from WMATA and Rosslyn Renaissance.
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