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Russian Lounge
The lounge was designed by Sergey Skuratov and donated by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. It contains acoustical wall panels and stainless trim, accommodating up to 200 visitors and is used as a donor lounge and event space.

Sergey Skuratov (1955– ), the award-winning Russian architect who designed the Russian Lounge, founded his architectural practice in Moscow in 2002. His designs, mainly apartment complexes and multi-function complexes, use his favorite materials: brick, stone, wood, and copper. Most of the buildings he designed are in Moscow.

Ideal Landscape
Painting by Valery Koshlyakov, donated by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. Three panels of tempera paint on line, 25 feet wide.

Valery Koshlyakov (1962– ) was born in Salsk, Russia and trained as a theater stage decorator in art college. He later became active in underground art scenes, first in his home area and then in Moscow since 1989. He is considered one of Russia’s major contemporary artists.

Koshlyakov is primarily known for his large-scale cardboard paintings, frequently suspended from the ceiling. These flattened box panels often depict iconic monuments (such as the Kremlin or Notre Dame), but more in the manner of street art and as symbols of cultural heritage and politics. His use of cardboard is consistent with 1960 European artists who worked with found objects to redefine painting.
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