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by Henri Laurens, 1933

L’Oceanide (Nymph of the Sea) and L’Automne (Autumn), by Henri Laurens (1885–1954), reflect the interest of the artist’s later years, which was to create art focused on the female figure, including creative bronze and stone sculptures of nudes. Laurens was also a collagist, printmaker, and illustrator.

French sculptor Auguste Rodin had considerable influence on Laurens’s early sculptures. His talents matured in the pre-World War I era when Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, and other artists were developing the art form of cubism. Laurens began to translate the ideas of analytical cubism into sculpture, polychrome bas-relief, and collages.

He moved away from the cubist style in the 1920s and created works with rounded forms, such as the female figure.
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