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She sees you—and celebrates you—for bringing your best self.

Nontsikelelo “Lolo” Veleko’s series entitled Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder (2005–ongoing) presents compelling photographic portraits that document the innovative street fashion scene among the young people of South Africa’s cities. The creative, individual styles sported by her subjects demonstrate a confident sense of beauty and optimism that counter perceptions of South Africa’s urban neighborhoods as beset solely by crime and poverty. Through Veleko’s lens, we see “sartorial success” stories about stylish young people “following their own creativity and casting aside all the rules.” Here, a young man stands on an empty, city street. He is stylishly attired in bright orange-red pants, a light blue short-sleeved shirt, striped tie, hat, and black-and-white shoes. Through his sunglasses, he looks confidently ahead.
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