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Vardry Mill
Reedy River Historic Park

In 1874 Vardy McBee's heirs leased and renovated an old grain mill on this property to Massachusetts natives O.H. Sampson and George Hall. First called Sampson, Hall & Co., by its founders, the textile mill consisted of two, three-story buildings each forty by twenty-eight-feet. Its stone foundations are clearly visible. The mill initially employed between fifty and sevety-five workers. Its 4,000 spindles spun cotton yarn for knitting and crocheting. It became Camperdown Number One when Sampson and Hall opened the Camperdown Mill on the north bank in 1876. In 1885, when Henry P. Hammett purchased the Camperdown Mill. O.H. Sampson transferred its machinery to a new mill outside the city limits which later became the American Spinning Company. In 1906 Camperdown Number One was sold to Luther McBee, re-equipped, and renamed the Vardry Mill.
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