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Limestone of Lost Legacies

Limestone of Lost Legacies is a mural project to memorialize five teens who lost their lives to gun violence in the 2017-2018 school year in the District of Columbia. The five lives being commemorated are a snapshot of the widespread epidemic of gun violence in the city.

The mural aims to create a space of remembrance and healing for the families who grieve forever. Paris Brown (age 19), Jamahri Syndor (age 17), Steve Slaughter (age 14), Taiyana Thompson (age 16) and Zaire Kelly (age 16) are just five of the many lives in our city that have been lost to gun violence. In the year of 2017, 116 homicides took place in DC. So far, 2019 has been an incredibly violent year, especially in the loss of life of our city's children.

This mural is located here, in a community that doesn't have to deal with teh daily reality of gun violence, for a purpose.

As you walk by the faces of these young people who are no longer alive, remember them and then help take action to make our city safer.
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