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"We're looking good! Our new embassy has Washington agog"
-- By Christopher Hume, Toronto Star, 10 February 1989

Canada has never looked so good. Our new embassy... won't open for another month but already it's causing quite a stir. Even in this city of grand buildings and famous monuments, it stands out.
No doubt about it, this is one of Erickson's finest efforts to date. Clearly intended to serve a symbolic function as well as house 300 employees, the Embassy manages to be impressive and inviting at the same time.

"Where's the Erickson we thought we knew?"
-- by Adele Freedman, The Globe and Mail, 4 November 1989

His embassy is a building stuck in an identity crisis.
Here was a chance for Erickson, master of the bold stroke and defiant gesture, so long the symbol of modern Canadian architecture at home and abroad, to deliver the stuff of which his reputation was made.
In any event, Erickson took on classicism in Washington, and lost. It's as if Erickson went shopping for columns at a Pennsylvania Avenue garage sale and, ending up with more than he could use, couldn't resist strewing them around anyway.

"Try not to make yourself at home"
-- By Bruce Hedlam, The Globe and Mail, 24 February 1990

Since opening last May, the new Canadian Embassy here has been a source of considerable national pride. It seems to symbolize our country's newfound prestige in the US capital. After all, the last time Canadians were this close to the White House, we set it on fire...
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