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Moving between Old and New

Youth from the Latin American Youth Center—Art + Media House used cameras and microphones to explore the changing faces of Columbia Heights' people and places. Collaborating with community artists, youth researched neighborhood history, interviewed residents, and uncovered what Columbia Heights means to them today. See the neighborhood through the eyes of these youth. Then look around you and take in the face of Columbia Heights from where you stand. Celebrate the people of Columbia Heights — both longtime and newer residents, elders and the young — that add to the vitality and vibrancy of this community.

Stories on Call
Take a minute and listen to the neighborhood.
You can reach our Stories on Call by dialing: 1-800-321-2474, and then press #7.

Art on Call
Police and fire call boxes were installed throughout the capital starting in the 1860s and remained in use until 1976. Before the 911 emergency call system, two-way radios and walkie-talkies; call boxes were vital for emergency communication. Now unused, these beautiful iron structures remain part [sic] our streets. Art on Call is a city-wide project of Cultural Tourism DC, to transform Washington's abandoned call boxes into artistic neighborhood icons.

Art on Call is a program of Cultural Tourism DC, with support from:
DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, DC Creates Public Art Program, District Department of Transportation, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development.

All work produced by youth from the Latin American Youth Center — Art + Media House
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