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The Magruder House:
Built for William Hilleary and visited by George Washington in 1787, the Magruder House is one of four surviving pre-Revolutionary buildings in Bladensburg. It has been owned or rented by a series of five doctors, including Dr. Archiband Magruder.
The house is located directly on the main road through Bladensburg and during the War the British marched past the house on their way to the engagement at Bladensburg bridge.

Darnall's Chance:
When several captured British soldiers were incarcerated in Queen Anne, General Robert Ross demanded their release and threatened to burn the town of Upper Marlborough in retaliation.
John Hodges of Darnall's Chance was asked by his neighbors to negotiate the exchange. This was accomplished but Hodges was indicted for treason for his actions. At his trail [sic] in 1815 he was defended by the illustrious lawyer, William Pinkney and found not guilty by a jury who considered that the "circumstances under which he acted formed a good and sufficient excuse."
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