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Andrews AFB
The British camp at Andrews was near the present day intersection of Fechet Ave., and Old Marlboro Pike which at that time was near the small village of Centerville (also called "The Meadows") and on or near the estate of Beall Chance.

Bellefields, also called Sim's Delight, is an early example of a Maryland Georgian country house. It was built around 1720 by Dr. Patrick Sim who had fled Scotland after the 1715 rebellion to settle in this country. In 1814, it was the home of Major Benjamin Oden.
On August 22, 1814, from a vantage point at Bellefields, Brigadier General William Winder and his army, accompanied by Secretary of State James Monroe, watched the British forces under Major Ross march north on Croom Road. The destination of the British was not yet clear to the American command. If the British continued north it was believed that they were heading towards Washington via an eastern approach or possibly continuing north towards Baltimore. If, however, they turned west on the Bellefields roads, they were probably heading towards Washington via a southern route, possibly attacking Fort Washington first. Ross turned his troops west towards Bellefields and the American forces withdrew to Long Old Fields. Ross then reversed his course and continued north to Upper Marlboro.
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