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Introduction to Burleith

As you read this plaque, you are standing at the dot • on the map facing one of the five fire call boxes in the Burleith neighborhood. A star indicates each of the other four.

Each call box has a plaque focusing on an aspect of Burleith's history. Take a stroll through our neighborhood and visit all five. Learn about the origins of the name Burleith, famous residents, the evolution of the neighborhood, and patriotism and espionage.

Fire call boxes were installed throughout Washington, D.C. neighborhoods to provide emergency communication links between neighborhood streets and local fire stations. With the introduction of the 911 emergency call system in the 1970s, these fire call boxes became obsolete.

The Burleith Citizens Association, which has represented the interests of Burleith citizens since 1925, sponsored the restoration of the fire call boxes. This call box was restored in 2015 with generous donations from the residents and friends of Burleith through the Burleith Community Fund.
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