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"Victory Gardens"

The community gardens at 42nd Street and Tunlaw Road and in Whitehaven Park were established as part of the Federal National Victory Garden Program during World War II as a way for average Americans to contribute to the war effort. These gardens reduced demand on commercial food supplies thus making more supplies available to the Armed Forces and Lend-Lease programs. After the War, these gardens not only continued to provide healthy and economical vegetables to local gardeners but also became social centers for urban communities.

Glover Park Artist: Michael Hagan, 39th Place NW

Art on Call is a program of Cultural Tourism DC, with support from:
DC Commission of Arts and Humanities,
DC Creates Public Art Program,
District Department of Transportation,
Office of Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development.

This box was restored by Friends of Glover Park in 2009.
Local funding was provided by ANC 3B.
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