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2016 Breaking News
Europe's Refugee Crisis
Reuters Photo Staff, Photos by Yannis Behrahis
Reuters photographer Yannis Behrakis spent decades covering wars and refugees around the world. In 2015, the refugee crisis arrived on the shores of his native Greece.
Hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing war and poverty flooded the country. Berharis followed them as they headed north, seeking a new life in Europe.
On a rainy September day, Behrakis photographed migrants as they tried to cross Greece's border into Macedonia. "It was muddy and miserable," said Behrakis. "People were desperate. The Macedonian police started beating some people, pushing some people back."
Migrants fell to their knees, pleading with police to let them pass. Behrakis shot one frame before the police pushed him away. Hours later, the border reopened and the migrants were allowed through.
The grandson of refugees, Behrakis felt a deep connection with the migrants. "I felt that I was the voice of these refugees calling humanity for help," he said.
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