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2016 Feature
A Child's Despair
Jessica Rinaldi, The Boston Globe
Strider Wolf was 2 when his mother's boyfriend dragged him to a shed and beat him so badly that his bowels ruptured. Strider required a feeding tube for months and was left emotionally scarred.
Three years later, he and his younger brother, Gallagher, were living with their grandparents when the family behind on the rent. Evicted from their mobile home, they crammed into a rundown camper, moving from one campsite to the next.
Boston Globe photographer Jessica Rinaldi and reporter Sarah Schweitzer spent five months covering the family's daily struggle to survive. One stressful day, Rinaldi captured a photo a tired and grimy Strider, hunched in the backseat of the family's car after his brother bit him.
Strider's story helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for the family, who moved into a rental home. "It reminds you that this kind of work really matters to people," said Rinaldi. "That's what we all hope for in the end, that by shining a light on things it will somehow help."
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