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2013 Feature: Inside a Sniper's Nest:
In the brutal Syrian war, snipers and tanks control the streets. Both sides rely heavily on snipers to spot and pin down the enemy. In Aleppo, freelance photographer Javier Manzano hoped he would not be a target as he darted across the streets and alleys. "I put my head down and ran," he said.
Manzano entered a dark room thick with dust. Shafts of sunlight shone through bullet holes in the metal walls of the sniper's nest. Two Syrian rebel soldiers were on alert, one poised to fire.
While in Syria, Manzano witnessed children "split in half by mortar shells" and civilians killed in a town square bombed by government planes. "These are images I do not want to revisit," he said. "You should not have to see the same massacre happening over and over again for two years."
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