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Fitz John Porter 1822–1901
Born Portsmouth, New Hampshire

A protégé of George McClellan, Fitz John Porter became the general’s close friend and confidant while serving under his command during the Peninsula Campaign of 1862. Following his promotion to major general of volunteers in July 1862, Porter was reassigned to the Army of Northern Virginia under the leadership of McClellan’s arch-rival, General John Pope—a man Porter also detested. When Pope accused him of dereliction of duty during the Battle of Second Bull Run, Porter requested an official investigation of the matter. He rejoined McClellan’s Army of the Potomac but was subsequently relieved of his command of the Fifth Corps while awaiting the outcome of a court-martial. In proceedings marred by questionable evidence and political intrigue, Porter was found guilty of disloyalty, disobedience, and misconduct. He was dismissed from the army in January 1863. When his case was retried in 1879, the earlier verdict was reversed.
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