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Artist: Wendy M. Ross
Title: Radiolaria, 2006
Material: welded stainless steel
Sculptor Wendy M. Ross created this airy steel structure as an abstract focal point for the landscaped courtyard. Ross has long been fascinated by the internal structures of plants and simple organisms. The delicate skeletal remains of minute marine creatures called Radiolaria inspired this sculpture. Our movement around Radiolaria reveals its visual complexity of curves and counter-curves. Interior and exterior hooks terminate in disks that recall the filaments Radiolaria use for propulsion and buoyancy.
The sculptureā€™s undulating forms suggest the water currents of the marine environment the creatures inhabit. These same elements give the impression that the sculpture might be capable of motion despite its repose in the garden. Ross is best-known for abstract sculptures like Radiolaria. However, she also designed and created the realistic full-length bronze portrait of Founding Father George Mason, which is the central feature of his memorial near the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C.
Funded by Washington Real Estate Investment Trust
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