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2011 Breaking News
Earthquake in Haiti
Washington Post photographer Carol Guzy arrived in Port-au-Prince the night after the earthquake struck on Jan. 12, 2010. The next morning, a man told Guzy he had heard screams coming from a nearby school. She rushed over to find a horrific scene: children at their chool desks, crushed to death in the collapse of the building.
Families and residents searched desperately for survivors. Cindy Tersme lay upon the rubble and wailed in grief. "She was crying that she could see her brother's feet but she couldn't pull him out," Guzy said. I'm sure he was dead."
Guzy stayed in Haiti several weeks. Colleagues Nikki Kahn and Ricky Carioti traveled there in the months that followed to photograph the earthquake's aftermath.
A four-time Pulitzer Prize winner. Guzy had photographed Haitian tragedies before. But covering this disaster, which killed more than 300,000 people, was particularly difficult. "It just seemed unfair that they had to, yet again, weep over their dead," she said.
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