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2017_AZ_Flagstaff_Murals42AZ -- Flagstaff -- Murals
Among the murals seen here:

The Veridic Gardens of Effie Leroux, Joe Sorren, 2000; Heritage Square
Arizona native Joe Sorren has contributed many pieces of public art in Flagstaff, particularly the 40-foot by 30-foot mural on the exterior of the Old Town Shoppes on Heritage Square. The Veridic...
2012_CA_Queen_Califia84CA -- Escondido -- Queen Califia's Magical Circle
2015_CA_Queen_Califia11CA -- Escondido -- Queen Califia's Magical Circle
It had been a few years since I visited this place and the friends group had used some of my photos from that visit so I thought I'd come back. A maintenance guy said the park was closed because kids had taken hammers to it and smashed it up.
2013_CA_Fallbrook58CA -- Fallbrook
2018_07_17A_Fallbrook34CA -- Fallbrook (Partially reviewed)
2002_CA_Glendale13CA -- Glendale -- Forest Lawn Memorial Park
2004_CA_Glendale55CA -- Glendale -- Forest Lawn Memorial Park
2009_CA_Glendale53CA -- Glendale -- Forest Lawn Memorial Park
While he wasn't here yet, this is the cemetery where Michael Jackson was buried in September.


Michael Jackson's Resting Place Among Greats
Forest Lawn Guards Singer's Privacy in Death
By Sue...
2002_CA_HHills25CA -- Hollywood Hills -- Forest Lawn Memorial Park
2004_CA_HHills32CA -- Hollywood Hills -- Forest Lawn Memorial Park
2010_CA_HHills177CA -- Hollywood Hills -- Forest Lawn Memorial Park
2009_CA_LA_Art18CA -- Los Angeles -- Public Art
2010_CA_LA_Art5CA -- Los Angeles -- Public Art
2013_CA_LA_Art16CA -- Los Angeles -- Public Art
2011_CA_Watts_Towers56CA -- Los Angeles -- Watts Towers
2010_CA_Cabin_Fever28CA -- Running Springs -- Cabin Fever book store
2014_CA_Sacramento_CapPkGGP29CA -- Sacramento -- Capitol Park -- Golden Gate Plaza (Zone of Public Gathering / Zone of Discovery / Zone of Transformation)
2014_CA_Sacramento_KStUP74CA -- Sacramento -- K Street Underpass
2014_CA_Sacramento_Art14CA -- Sacramento -- Public Art
2018_07_12I2_Sacramento_Art6CA -- Sacramento -- Public Art (Partially reviewed)
2018_07_13B_Sacramento_Art7CA -- Sacramento -- Public Art (Partially reviewed)
2010_CA_SB_McDonalds6CA -- San Bernardino -- 1st McDonald's Site
2012_CA_SB_McDonalds78CA -- San Bernardino -- 1st McDonald's Site
Including the Phil Yeh mural.
2013_CA_SB_McDonalds76CA -- San Bernardino -- 1st McDonald's Site
2015_CA_SB_McDonalds153CA -- San Bernardino -- 1st McDonald's Site
More pictures of the soon-to-be-completed mural by Phil Yeh and friends.
2016_CA_SB_McDonalds221CA -- San Bernardino -- 1st McDonald's Site
2017_CA_SB_McDonalds86CA -- San Bernardino -- 1st McDonald's Site
2018_07_23B_SB_McDonalds32CA -- San Bernardino -- 1st McDonald's Site
Phil and Linda Yeh came by so we could meet up again. (Partially reviewed)
2013_CA_SB_McDonalds_Work_13071631CA -- San Bernardino -- 1st McDonald's Site -- Mural work
Phil Yeh and company were working on the mural this morning.
2015_CA_SB_McDonalds_Work_14071417CA -- San Bernardino -- 1st McDonald's Site -- Mural work
Phil Yeh and Rory Murray were working on the mural again.
2016_CA_SB_McDonalds_Work_1607182CA -- San Bernardino -- 1st McDonald's Site -- Mural work
Albert Okura, founder and CEO of the Juan Pollo restaurant chain in Southern California, gives me a tour.
2016_CA_SB_McDonalds_Work_16071918CA -- San Bernardino -- 1st McDonald's Site -- Mural work
Phil Yeh and Rory Murray were working on the mural that morning. Also present was Marvin Hernandez, the curator of the museum.
2010_CA_SB_Library54CA -- San Bernardino -- Main Library
2011_CA_Chicano_Park71CA -- San Diego -- Chicano Park
2016_CA_Chicano_Park363CA -- San Diego -- Chicano Park
2017_CA_SD_M2M101CA -- San Diego -- Pubilc Art: Mission to Masterpiece: San Diego's History Told Through Tile Art (by Betsy K. Schulz)
2010_CA_SD_Art4CA -- San Diego -- Public Art
2012_CA_SD_Art3CA -- San Diego -- Public Art
2013_CA_SD_Art6CA -- San Diego -- Public Art
2014_CA_SD_Art4CA -- San Diego -- Public Art
2015_CA_SD_Art8CA -- San Diego -- Public Art
2016_CA_SD_Art10CA -- San Diego -- Public Art
2017_CA_SD_Art56CA -- San Diego -- Public Art
2018_07_17C_SD_Art19CA -- San Diego -- Public Art (Partially reviewed)
2018_07_18B3_SD_Art28CA -- San Diego -- Public Art (Partially reviewed)
2018_07_15B5_San_Fran_Art2CA -- San Francisco -- Public Art (Partially reviewed)
2018_07_15D1_Schulz_Sculptures55CA -- Santa Rosa -- Public Art: Snoopy & Charlie Brown Sculpture (Partially reviewed)
2006_CO_Denver_BotanBronze25CO -- Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield -- Living Bronze sculptures by Robert Wick
These are pictures of artworks by Robert Wick. He likes to join the textures of earth, the life and vitality of plants, and the ideas of ultimate wisdom in his works. He works in bronze because of its permanence. His sculptures range in height from six to 18 feet and weigh up to 2,500 pounds.
2007_DC_Metro_Tour_07042218Cultural Tourism DC -- Story Behind the Artwork At Metro Stations Tour
Art on Line: The Story Behind the Artwork at Metro Stations: Led by Michael McBride, manager of the WMATA Art in Transit program, this riding and walking tour tells the fascinating stories behind the unique works of art at Metro stations. Hear about the artists who created the murals, sculptures, and...
2008_DC_Peck_Tour_08092014Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: Artist G. Byron Peck's Shaw/U Street Murals
Artist G. Byron Peck’s Shaw/U Street Mural Tour:
Take a tour of murals created by prominent DC mural and mosaic artist G. Byron Peck and his associated non-profit, City Arts. Get an eyeful of the landmark mural of Duke Ellington, the Dupont Circle Mural, and the Mayan Mural, all within blocks of each...
2009_DC_DOI_Murals_Tour_0909199Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: U.S. Department of the Interior Murals
U.S. Department of the Interior Murals Tour:
The U.S. Department of the Interior Main Interior Building was designed to be a “symbol of a new day” during the Great Depression. Explore more than 20 New Deal-era murals and learn how this public art project stimulated more than just the economy. Led by...
2009_DC_SISG_KirbySG46DC -- Arthur M. Sackler Gallery -- Event: Michael Kirby's "Falnama" chalk art
Photographs over four days:
(Day 1) He starts with outlines.
(Day 2) He paints a base using paint mixed with sugar.
(Day 3) He's mostly done with it at this point. (I got there after he'd gone back to Baltimore for the day so he's not in these pictures.)
(Day 4) All done! He covers it with a...
2008_DC_Arts_On_Foot29DC -- Arts on Foot
Marking its 16th anniversary, Arts on Foot presented by Wines of Argentina is a one-day, multimedia Festival that kicks off the fall arts season in Downtown DC’s Penn Quarter. Incorporating visual art, music, theatre, dance, film, and creative cuisine, it’s an interactive celebration the whole family...
2010_DC_Arts_On_Foot68DC -- Arts on Foot
2011_DC_Arts_On_Foot39DC -- Arts on Foot
2013_DC_Bens_Mural10DC -- Ben's Chili Bowl -- Mural
2017_DC_Bens_Mural30DC -- Ben's Chili Bowl -- Mural
The new mural by Aniekan Udofia. Features (left to right): Dick Gregory, Dave Chappelle, Marion Barry (top), Jim Vance (top), Eleanor Holmes Norton (top), Wale, Taraji P. Henson (top), Russ Parr, Donnie Simpson, Roberta Flack (top), Chuck Brown, Mohammad Ali, Prince, Harriet Tubman (top), Michelle and...
2016_DC_Blagden_Alley75DC -- Blagden Alley (between M and N, 9 and 10 NW)
2005_DC_Callbox1DC -- Callboxes
2009_DC_Callbox21DC -- Callboxes
2010_DC_Callbox6DC -- Callboxes
2011_DC_Callbox5DC -- Callboxes
2013_DC_Callbox5DC -- Callboxes
2016_DC_Callbox27DC -- Callboxes
2017_DC_Callbox175DC -- Callboxes
2018_01_24C3_Callbox4DC -- Callboxes (Partially reviewed)
2018_04_05B3_Callbox8DC -- Callboxes (Partially reviewed)
2018_04_22C1_Callbox9DC -- Callboxes (Partially reviewed)
2018_05_12A4_Callbox4DC -- Callboxes (Partially reviewed)
2018_05_13A1_Callbox5DC -- Callboxes (Partially reviewed)
2018_05_25D2_Callbox5DC -- Callboxes (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_10B5_Callbox2DC -- Callboxes (Partially reviewed)
2016_DC_Ornamental_Spirit33DC -- Capital Hill -- Ornamental Spirit artwork
2005_DC_MiKick_05031964DC -- Celebrate Mickey: 75 InspEARations -- Kick-off event
This was the official kick-off event for the "Celebrate Mickey: 75 InspEARations" event in Washington DC. After being split up to tour a variety of cities, the Mickey statues were brought back together in DC before going up to New York to be auctioned off at Sothebys. Highlights from the event included...
2018_09_06A3_City_Center_Loop13DC -- City Center complex -- LOOP
LOOP Comes to DC
August 8th - September 16th
CityCenterDC invites Washingtonians and visitors alike to discover Loop, an original interactive installation by world renowned artists Olivier Girouard and Jonathan Villeneuve. The installation, which was first presented as part of the 7th edition of... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_08B1_City_Center_Loop25DC -- City Center complex -- LOOP
LOOP Comes to DC
August 8th - September 16th
CityCenterDC invites Washingtonians and visitors alike to discover Loop, an original interactive installation by world renowned artists Olivier Girouard and Jonathan Villeneuve. The installation, which was first presented as part of the 7th edition of... (Partially reviewed)
2005_DC_DOI_Murals2DC -- Dept of Interior Murals
2009_DC_DOI_Murals114DC -- Dept of Interior Murals
Including some Indian artwork as well.
2014_DC_DOI_Murals62DC -- Dept of Interior Murals
Abbreviated tour during the museum open house.
2010_DC_Birds30DC -- Dupont Circle -- Public Art: Birds in the Park by Christy Hengst
"Birds in the Park" is a touring project, which involves the temporary installation of thirty to sixty porcelain birdlike forms on the ground.
 Pecking around randomly, they might be taken for pigeons. They are, in a sense, carrier pigeons, as the forms carry images, text, and other documents, which...
2013_DC_Dupont_Mural3DC -- Dupont Circle Mural @ Wells Fargo Bank
2016_DC_Dupont_Mural18DC -- Dupont Circle Mural @ Wells Fargo Bank
2009_DC_Murals_RI_P_09082798DC -- Edgewood Mural artist show @ Solea Building
Meet the artists of the Edgewood Mural project in a comfortable cool place this Thursday from 6pm to 8pm. They are presenting their work on canvases along with photos of the past work and ideas for the future... The event is organized by the Pink Line Project and is in the new Solea Building on 1405...
2009_DC_Murals_RI200DC -- Edgewood Mural (at Rhode Island Avenue Metro)
Pictures taken after the "mural jam" event. To see all of the mural project pictures together, click ...
2010_DC_Murals_RI71DC -- Edgewood Mural (at Rhode Island Avenue Metro)
2011_DC_Murals_RI24DC -- Edgewood Mural (at Rhode Island Avenue Metro)
2014_DC_Murals_RI51DC -- Edgewood Mural (at Rhode Island Avenue Metro)
2017_DC_Murals_RI51DC -- Edgewood Mural (at Rhode Island Avenue Metro)
2009_DC_Murals_RI_D_090824181DC -- Edgewood Mural (at Rhode Island Avenue Metro) -- Dedication ceremony
Dear Friends,
You are invited to join us to celebrate the completion of the Edgewood Mural. The mural will be officially given to the community by the Mayor Adrian M. Fenty on Monday, August 24th at 4:30pm.
There will performances by the young artists from the Summer Youth Employment Program. The...
2009_DC_Murals_RI_MJ_090815233DC -- Edgewood Mural (at Rhode Island Avenue Metro) -- Mural Jam (2009)
Pictures taken during the "mural jam" Saturday event. To see all of the mural project pictures together, click ...
2010_DC_Murals_RI_MJ_10071038DC -- Edgewood Mural (at Rhode Island Avenue Metro) -- Mural Jam (2010)
2008_DC_Illuminated_Crowd7DC -- Georgetown -- Four Seasons Hotel -- Public Art: Illuminated Crowd (Raymond Mason)
2016_DC_Georgetown_Glow66DC -- Georgetown Glow (Outdoor Light Art Exhibition)
Experience the sparkle of the season at the 3rd Annual Georgetown GLOW, the region's only curated exhibition of outdoor public light art installations. Set against the historic backdrop of DC's oldest neighborhood, it's a whole new way to shine.

The 2016 Georgetown GLOW invites visitors to re-imagine...
2016_DC_Haiku6DC -- Golden (Triangle) Haiku
2017_DC_Haiku9DC -- Golden (Triangle) Haiku
2018_03_15C_Haiku4DC -- Golden (Triangle) Haiku (Partially reviewed)
2018_03_18D3_Haiku3DC -- Golden (Triangle) Haiku (Partially reviewed)
2018_03_27B_Haiku23DC -- Golden (Triangle) Haiku (Partially reviewed)
2018_03_29D2_Haiku3DC -- Golden (Triangle) Haiku (Partially reviewed)
2018_03_30C1_Haiku6DC -- Golden (Triangle) Haiku (Partially reviewed)
2018_04_10A1_Haiku20DC -- Golden (Triangle) Haiku (Partially reviewed)
2008_DC_GWU_Art4DC -- GWU (George Washington University) -- Public Art
2011_DC_GWU_Art13DC -- GWU (George Washington University) -- Public Art
2013_DC_GWU_Art33DC -- GWU (George Washington University) -- Public Art
2016_DC_GWU_Art43DC -- GWU (George Washington University) -- Public Art
2017_DC_GWU_Art16DC -- GWU (George Washington University) -- Public Art
1986_DC_Hains2DC -- Hains Point ("The Awakening")
1997_DC_Hains18DC -- Hains Point ("The Awakening")
1999_DC_Hains11DC -- Hains Point ("The Awakening")
2002_DC_Hains27DC -- Hains Point ("The Awakening")
2007_DC_Hains35DC -- Hains Point ("The Awakening")
After hearing that The Awakening had been sold to National Harbor, I realized I hadn't visited the work since 2002 and decided it was time to see it again.
2008_DC_Chess_Players4DC -- Judiciary Square -- Chess Players Statue
2009_DC_Chess_Players3DC -- Judiciary Square -- Chess Players Statue
2013_DC_Chess_Players8DC -- Judiciary Square -- Chess Players Statue
2015_DC_Chess_Players1DC -- Judiciary Square -- Chess Players Statue
2017_DC_Chess_Players11DC -- Judiciary Square -- Chess Players Statue
2018_02_28E1_Chess_Players9DC -- Judiciary Square -- Chess Players Statue
The chess board between the two characters has been removed. It had been heavily vandalized over the years. (Partially reviewed)
2018_04_05E5_Chess_Players4DC -- Judiciary Square -- Chess Players Statue (Partially reviewed)
2007_DC_Chess_Players2DC -- Judiciary Square -- Public Art: Chess Players (by Lloyd LIttle)
2016_DC_ObserverMcC7DC -- K Street -- Public Art: Observer (by Keith McCarter)
2016_DC_KSt_Sham9DC -- K Street area -- Foon Sham sculptures (Droplet, Turning Point, Ductile, Vascular Form #10)
2018_09_10B2_KSt_Sham5DC -- K Street area -- Foon Sham sculptures (Droplet, Turning Point, Ductile, Vascular Form #10) (Partially reviewed)
2015_DC_Kennedy_C_Yellin22DC -- Kennedy Center -- Exhibit: Dustin Yellin: Psychogeographies
Dustin Yellin: Psychogeographies
Commissioned and originally exhibited by New York City Ballet
Wednesday, April 1 - Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Born in California and raised in Colorado, Dustin Yellin (1975– ) now lives in Brooklyn, NY. In 2010, he founded Pioneer Works, a social sculpture and...
2009_DC_MBT50DC -- Metropolitan Branch Trail
2010_DC_MBT32DC -- Metropolitan Branch Trail
2011_DC_MBT23DC -- Metropolitan Branch Trail
2013_DC_MBT27DC -- Metropolitan Branch Trail
2014_DC_MBT15DC -- Metropolitan Branch Trail
2017_DC_MBT193DC -- Metropolitan Branch Trail
2017_DC_MBT_28Blocks29DC -- Metropolitan Branch Trail -- Public Art: 28 Blocks (mural by Garin Baker)
2009_DC_5555DC -- Murals in 555 11th Street NW (Lincoln Square)
2016_DC_55519DC -- Murals in 555 11th Street NW (Lincoln Square)
2016_DC_NAEYC19DC -- National Association for the Education of Young Children (1313 L St NW)
2002_DC_NGS_Garden3DC -- Natl Geographic Society -- Outdoor Sculpture Garden
2005_DC_NGS_Garden2DC -- Natl Geographic Society -- Outdoor Sculpture Garden
2007_DC_NGS_Garden3DC -- Natl Geographic Society -- Outdoor Sculpture Garden
2009_DC_NGS_Garden5DC -- Natl Geographic Society -- Outdoor Sculpture Garden
2012_DC_NGS_Garden9DC -- Natl Geographic Society -- Outdoor Sculpture Garden
2014_DC_NGS_Garden2DC -- Natl Geographic Society -- Outdoor Sculpture Garden
1982_DC_SINZ_Art2DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
1997_DC_SINZ_Art4DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
1998_DC_SINZ_Art6DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
1999_DC_SINZ_Art5DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
2000_DC_SINZ_Art2DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
2002_DC_SINZ_Art6DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
2003_DC_SINZ_Art4DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
2004_DC_SINZ_Art2DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
2005_DC_SINZ_Art5DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
2006_DC_SINZ_Art5DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
2007_DC_SINZ_Art6DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
2008_DC_SINZ_Art113DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
2010_DC_SINZ_Art30DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
2012_DC_SINZ_Art29DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
2016_DC_SINZ_Art3DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
2010_DC_NYASP58DC -- New York Avenue Sculpture Project
Including a nighttime visit.
2012_DC_NYASP6DC -- New York Avenue Sculpture Project
2015_DC_NYASP20DC -- New York Avenue Sculpture Project
2009_DC_Murals_3Macaws2DC -- Public Art: 3 Macaws (mural by G. Byron Peck, demolished 2013)
2013_DC_Murals_3Macaws55DC -- Public Art: 3 Macaws (mural by G. Byron Peck, demolished 2013)
Byron's mural in Adams Morgan got demolished brick by brick.
2016_DC_Build_Grow17DC -- Public Art: Build-Grow (by Richard Hunt) @ 700 11th Street, NW
2005_DC_Quixote_Rolph2DC -- Public Art: Don Quixote (by Miles Stafford Rolph, II)
2015_DC_Quixote_Rolph9DC -- Public Art: Don Quixote (by Miles Stafford Rolph, II)
Miles Stafford Rolph, II life-size welded steel Don Quixote sculpture (1981) is located at 1776 G St. at 18th St. in Washington, DC
2009_DC_Epoch6DC -- Public Art: Epoch (by Albert Paley)
2018_01_24A2_Full_Count21DC -- Public Art: Full Count (by John Dreyfuss) (Partially reviewed)
2017_DC_Fancy_Animal72DC -- Public Art: Hung Yi's A Fancy Animal Carnival
The unveiling of the Fancy Animal Carnival, which is bringing five larger-than-life animal sculptures by renowned Taiwanese artist Hung Yi installed at CityCenterDC and in the DowntownDC Business Improvement District (BID). Through a partnership with the National Park Service, the Government of the...
2013_DC_Murals_Liz8DC -- Public Art: Liz Taylor (mural by G. Byron Peck)
Byron's new mural at 7th and Q NW
2016_DC_Murals_Liz2DC -- Public Art: Liz Taylor (mural by G. Byron Peck)
2013_DC_Liz_13100395DC -- Public Art: Liz Taylor (mural by G. Byron Peck) -- Opening Event
Byron Peck and Ivo Koytchev's mural ceremony with city officials etc.
2009_DC_Murals_Mama_Ayesha9DC -- Public Art: Mama Ayesha's Restaurant (mural by Karla "Karlisma" Rodas)
2011_DC_Murals_Mama_Ayesha7DC -- Public Art: Mama Ayesha's Restaurant (mural by Karla "Karlisma" Rodas)
2004_DC_Pandamania615DC -- Public Art: Pandamania
Originally, the pandamania artworks were all over the city. Being obsessive, I managed to see them all in their individual locations. I ran into Eleanor Clift while I was out and about and got her photo with one of them.
In September, I visited the "rehab clinic" for the pieces that had been...
2017_DC_Pandamania1DC -- Public Art: Pandamania
2002_DC_Party_Animals34DC -- Public Art: Party Animals
2004_DC_Party_Animals2DC -- Public Art: Party Animals
2011_DC_Party_Animals37DC -- Public Art: Party Animals
Including party Animals at the Swiss Embassy and the DC Convention Center.
2012_DC_Party_Animals6DC -- Public Art: Party Animals
2013_DC_Party_Animals7DC -- Public Art: Party Animals
2016_DC_Party_Animals6DC -- Public Art: Party Animals
2014_DC_Sky_Landscape5DC -- Public Art: Sky Landscape (by Louise Nevelson) @ 1101 VT Ave NW
2016_DC_Sky_Landscape7DC -- Public Art: Sky Landscape (by Louise Nevelson) @ 1101 VT Ave NW
2008_DC_Toynbee1DC -- Public Art: Stickman Robots
My first encounter with the Stickman Robot characters, this one by the Smithsonian Castle.
2009_DC_Toynbee2DC -- Public Art: Stickman Robots
Stickman Robot tile near the Mall.
2011_DC_Toynbee17DC -- Public Art: Stickman Robots
These little stick things keep showing up around town. I can't find any of the original Toynbee tiles anymore but the modern successors are popular.
2012_DC_Toynbee56DC -- Public Art: Stickman Robots
Including a design I'd never seen before. Almost all of the previous ones had been either white or orange.
2015_DC_Toynbee37DC -- Public Art: Stickman Robots
2016_DC_Toynbee19DC -- Public Art: Stickman Robots
2017_DC_Toynbee9DC -- Public Art: Stickman Robots
2018_01_24C2_Toynbee3DC -- Public Art: Stickman Robots (Partially reviewed)
2018_06_29D2_Toynbee6DC -- Public Art: Stickman Robots
A new version of the Stickman Robot outside of the National Museum of American History (Partially reviewed)
2006_DC_Toynbee3DC -- Public Art: Toynbee tiles
Two tiles.
(1) This one was photographed at the intersection of 15th and F, NW.
(2) This one, a color one, was right near the Temperance Fountain by the National Archives building. I just happened to run across it which was pretty cool!
"Toynbee Idea
In Movie '2001
Resurrect Dead
on Planet...
2013_DC_Toynbee96DC -- Public Art: Toynbee tiles/Stickman Robots
They're back! 2013 versions of Toynbee tiles!
2014_DC_Toynbee15DC -- Public Art: Toynbee tiles/Stickman Robots
Including some of the new 2013 vintage Toynbee tiles.
2003_DC_Murals1DC -- Public Murals
2004_DC_Murals2DC -- Public Murals
2005_DC_Murals2DC -- Public Murals
2007_DC_Murals2DC -- Public Murals
2008_DC_Murals20DC -- Public Murals
2009_DC_Murals88DC -- Public Murals
2010_DC_Murals59DC -- Public Murals
2011_DC_Murals59DC -- Public Murals
2012_DC_Murals17DC -- Public Murals
2013_DC_Murals70DC -- Public Murals
2014_DC_Murals38DC -- Public Murals
2015_DC_Murals23DC -- Public Murals
2016_DC_Murals75DC -- Public Murals
2017_DC_Murals81DC -- Public Murals
2018_04_23A4_Murals3DC -- Public Murals (Partially reviewed)
2018_05_10D2_Murals13DC -- Public Murals (Partially reviewed)
2018_06_26A1_Murals8DC -- Public Murals (Partially reviewed)
2009_DC_Murals_Politics18DC -- Public Murals -- Politics
2011_DC_Murals_Politics2DC -- Public Murals -- Politics
2017_DC_Murals_Politics1DC -- Public Murals -- Politics
2015_DC_Intellectucool14DC -- Publlic Art: Intellectucool
2018_06_15A2_Sentry_Tower22DC -- Southeast areas -- Sentry Tower (Partially reviewed)
2013_DC_Takoma4DC -- Takoma
Byron Peck mural by the train station.
2018_05_23B_GardensUS99DC -- Union Station -- Gardens (Lithuania's Statehood Centennial Art Installation)
Gardens: Lithuania's Statehood Centennial Art Installation
Ray Bartkus is a conceptual artist who explores our visual comprehension of space, color, light, and forms. His large-scale installations, which range from ethereal to imposing, from unsettling to whimsical, open up new ways for hte viewer to... (Partially reviewed)
2009_DC_WennerUS94DC -- Union Station -- Kurt Wenner GM chalk work
I had run into Kurt Wenner previously at the San Diego Comic-Con and here he was doing art for a GM promotion. I visited him several days including talking to him about David Macaulay -- he said that Macaulay had been one of his teachers way back when. Small world! On days I missed him, I enjoyed...
2015_DC_VOA_Murals51DC -- Voice of America -- Murals Tour
2004_DC_WCC_Art13DC -- Washington Convention Center -- Art
2009_DC_WCC_Art27DC -- Washington Convention Center -- Art
2010_DC_WCC_Art37DC -- Washington Convention Center -- Art
2011_DC_WCC_Art86DC -- Washington Convention Center -- Art
2012_DC_WCC_Art24DC -- Washington Convention Center -- Art
2017_DC_WCC_Art185DC -- Washington Convention Center -- Art
2004_DC_ClintonFBI1DC -- William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building -- Interior
2010_DC_ClintonFBI7DC -- William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building -- Interior
2015_DC_ClintonFBI279DC -- William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building -- Mural Tour
Kristen M Fusselle, Fine Arts Specialist, Office of Planning & Design Quality, National Capital Region PBS, U.S. General Services Administration took me through twice after I had some camera issues on my first tour.
2007_DC_ClintonFBI3DC -- William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building -- Post office mural
2011_DE_Dino_Days40DE -- Wilmington -- Dino Days artwork
Wilmington Renaissance Corporation announced today that Wilmington's Downtown Dino Days will unveil Wednesday, May 1, 2002 at noon in front of the Delaware College of Art & Design at 600 N. Market Street.  Downtown Dino Days is a public art project, presented by DuPont in partnership with the Office of...
2015_FL_DeLand21FL -- DeLand
2015_FL_Volusia_CH62FL -- DeLand -- Volusia County Historic Court House
2006_FL_Sculpture21FL -- Sarasota -- Season of Sculpture
These are pictures from the Third Invitational Exhibition of Monumental Works of Art. These are large-scale sculptures along Sarasota's Bayfront. There are 28 pieces of art by sculptors representing 14 countries.
2009_IL_HatsOff28IL -- Springfield -- Hats Off to Mr. Lincoln project
2012_IN_92County205IN -- Indianapolis -- Indiana State Museum -- Public Art: 92 County Walk
2004_KY_Horse_Pk8KY -- Lexington -- Kentucky Horse Park
1998_LA_NOrleans_Art2LA -- New Orleans -- Public Art
2007_LA_NOrleans_Art10LA -- New Orleans -- Public Art
2017_LA_NOrleans_Art21LA -- New Orleans -- Public Art
2013_LA_Restore_Oaks58LA -- New Orleans -- Restore the Oaks mural project
2010_MD_Arundel15MD -- Arundel County
2013_MD_Baltimore_FM_Mural59MD -- Baltimore -- Farmers Market underpass murals
2005_MD_Baltimore_Art2MD -- Baltimore -- Public Art
2006_MD_Baltimore_Art3MD -- Baltimore -- Public Art
2009_MD_Baltimore_Art2MD -- Baltimore -- Public Art
2010_MD_Baltimore_Art2MD -- Baltimore -- Public Art
2011_MD_Baltimore_Art2MD -- Baltimore -- Public Art
2013_MD_Baltimore_Art5MD -- Baltimore -- Public Art
2014_MD_Baltimore_Art5MD -- Baltimore -- Public Art
2016_MD_Baltimore_Art16MD -- Baltimore -- Public Art
2013_MD_Toynbee9MD -- Baltimore -- Public Art: Toynbee tile/Stickman robots
I hadn't seen an original Toynbee tile in years!
2006_MD_Baltimore_Murals2MD -- Baltimore -- Public Murals
2010_MD_Baltimore_Murals14MD -- Baltimore -- Public Murals
2011_MD_Baltimore_Murals11MD -- Baltimore -- Public Murals
2013_MD_Baltimore_Murals4MD -- Baltimore -- Public Murals
2014_MD_Baltimore_Murals20MD -- Baltimore -- Public Murals
2016_MD_Baltimore_Murals138MD -- Baltimore -- Public Murals
Including the Freddie Gray arrest spot -- corner of Mount and Presbury streets in West Baltimore.
2017_MD_Baltimore_Murals10MD -- Baltimore -- Public Murals
2013_MD_Baltimore_USCH10MD -- Baltimore -- US Courthouse
2011_MD_Bladensburg11MD -- Bladensburg
2005_MD_Easton12MD -- Easton
2006_MD_Easton12MD -- Easton
2009_MD_Easton24MD -- Easton
2010_MD_Easton9MD -- Easton
2011_MD_Easton13MD -- Easton
2013_MD_Easton29MD -- Easton
2005_MD_Easton_Art6MD -- Easton -- Public Art
2006_MD_Easton_Art3MD -- Easton -- Public Art
2007_MD_Easton_Art3MD -- Easton -- Public Art
2013_MD_Easton_Art7MD -- Easton -- Public Art
1999_MD_Comm_Bridge18MD -- Frederick -- Public Art: Community Bridge ("Mural Bridge")
2002_MD_Comm_Bridge36MD -- Frederick -- Public Art: Community Bridge ("Mural Bridge")
2003_MD_Comm_Bridge40MD -- Frederick -- Public Art: Community Bridge ("Mural Bridge")
2012_MD_Comm_Bridge144MD -- Frederick -- Public Art: Community Bridge ("Mural Bridge")
2011_MD_Gunner43MD -- Germantown -- Mural near Gunner Park
2007_MD_Hagerstown_Art1MD -- Hagerstown -- Public Art
2008_MD_Hagerstown_Art6MD -- Hagerstown -- Public Art
2012_MD_Hagerstown_Art25MD -- Hagerstown -- Public Art
2016_MD_Hagerstown_Art35MD -- Hagerstown -- Public Art
2008_MD_Hyattsville19MD -- Hyattsville
2010_MD_Hyattsville102MD -- Hyattsville
Lots of construction going on!
2015_MD_IRS_Hyattsville36MD -- Hyattsville -- Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Building art
2018_07_03_Vanadu130MD -- Hyattsville -- Vanadu Art House (Partially reviewed)
2013_MD_Vanadu23MD -- Hyattsville -- Vanadu car parked in Greenbelt
2018_08_05C_Langley_Art4MD -- Langley -- Public Art
A mural on 16th and University Blvd. (Partially reviewed)
2016_MD_MGM_HarborHC91MD -- MGM National Harbor Resort & Casino -- Heritage Collection
Works here include:
* Bob Dylan, Portal, 2016 (welded metal collage)
* Elizabeth Kendall, Cloud Pool, 2016 (ceramic sculpture chandelier)
* Liao Yibai, Cinderella Shoe, 2015 (stainless steel sculpture)
* Sam Gilliam, Rondo XIII, Rondo IX, and Rondo XI (mixed media on canvas)
* Charles Hinman,...
2008_MD_Natl_HarborA83MD -- National Harbor -- Public Art
2010_MD_Natl_HarborA10MD -- National Harbor -- Public Art
2013_MD_Natl_HarborA25MD -- National Harbor -- Public Art
2014_MD_Natl_HarborA12MD -- National Harbor -- Public Art
2009_MD_Seneca_CreekG59MD -- Seneca Creek State Park graffiti art
Including beautiful murals under the railroad tracks.
1999_MD_NOAA5MD -- Silver Spring -- NOAA Building
2002_MD_NOAA3MD -- Silver Spring -- NOAA Building
2003_MD_NOAA4MD -- Silver Spring -- NOAA Building
2004_MD_NOAA1MD -- Silver Spring -- NOAA Building
2005_MD_NOAA4MD -- Silver Spring -- NOAA Building
2010_MD_NOAA8MD -- Silver Spring -- NOAA Building
2016_MD_NOAA11MD -- Silver Spring -- NOAA Building
2004_MD_SS_Art4MD -- Silver Spring -- Public Art
2005_MD_SS_Art1MD -- Silver Spring -- Public Art
2006_MD_SS_Art1MD -- Silver Spring -- Public Art
2007_MD_SS_Art9MD -- Silver Spring -- Public Art
2008_MD_SS_Art42MD -- Silver Spring -- Public Art
2009_MD_SS_Art31MD -- Silver Spring -- Public Art
Among works seen here:
- "The Global Refugee Mural" by Joel Bergner is finally finished. It was rather cool to watch it changing each day that I passed it.
- "Petalos Reflecjantes (Reflective Petals)"
2010_MD_SS_Art73MD -- Silver Spring -- Public Art
2013_MD_SS_Art44MD -- Silver Spring -- Public Art
2015_MD_SS_Art1MD -- Silver Spring -- Public Art
2016_MD_SS_Art96MD -- Silver Spring -- Public Art
2017_MD_SS_Art5MD -- Silver Spring -- Public Art
2018_03_21E5_SS_Art15MD -- Silver Spring -- Public Art (Partially reviewed)
2018_05_12F2_SS_Art4MD -- Silver Spring -- Public Art (Partially reviewed)
2018_06_13A_SS_Art3MD -- Silver Spring -- Public Art (Partially reviewed)
2006_MD_Turtle13MD -- Silver Spring -- Public Art: Fear the Turtle
2016_MD_Sligo_Middle_School9MD -- Silver Spring -- Sligo Middle School
Peter Krsko, formerly of Albus Cavus, had mentioned two murals he worked on and I went off to photograph them. I had photographed several of his in the Long Branch section of Silver Spring the previous two days.
2010_MD_Takoma_CC12MD -- Takoma Park -- Community Center (and mural)
2009_MD_Takoma_Mural_090830117MD -- Takoma Park -- Ice Cream Social for new Carroll Avenue Mural by Byron Peck
Ice Cream Social (ice cream by Summer Delights) in celebration of the Carroll Avenue Mural by mural artist Byron Peck. Music by David Potts-Dupre and friends.
Location: Carroll Avenue Mural, 7056 Carroll Avenue, outside of building and auto garage, Takoma Park, MD
This is a public celebration and no...
2016_MD_Takoma_Park_PO10MD -- Takoma Park -- Mural: Post Office
Peter Krsko, formerly of Albus Cavus, had mentioned two murals he worked on and I went off to photograph them. I had photographed several of his in the Long Branch section of Silver Spring the previous two days.
2011_MD_Wheaton17MD -- Wheaton
Murals near the intersection of Georgia and University.
2007_DC_Metro_AN25Metro Station -- Anacostia (art)
2007_DC_Metro_NM3Metro Station -- Archives Navy Memorial Penn Quarter (art)
2007_DC_Metro_GP8Metro Station -- Gallery Place (art)
Also, some pictures of the red station lights which started being installed in this station and were moved to the other stations later on.
2007_DC_Metro_EN7Metro Station -- L'Enfant Plaza (art)
2007_DC_Metro_MC9Metro Station -- Metro Center (art)
2007_MD_Metro_NR14Metro Station -- Naylor Road (art)
2017_MD_Metro_SS_Mural62Metro Station -- Silver Spring -- Penguin Rush Hour Mural
It wasn't officially unveiled until March 29, 2017 but it was up on March 24.

From :
Pennies for Penguins!
Thank you, thank you to all of the men, women, and children who raised funds during the Pennies for Penguins...
2009_DC_Metro_U5Metro Station -- U Street/AACWM/Cardoza (art)
2013_MS_Jackson_TBoxes9MS -- Jackson -- Traffic Box Art Project
2013_MS_Tupelo_Guitars38MS -- Tupelo -- Public Art: Elvis Guitar Trail
2018_08_14A_Hamilton_Station57NJ -- Hamilton Township -- Hamilton Station (Statues) (Partially reviewed)
2018_08_22C1_Princeton_Art2NJ -- Princeton -- Public Art (Partially reviewed)
2010_NV_Boulder_City38NV -- Boulder City
Including some of the city artwork.
2014_NV_LV_Fremont_Murals51NV -- Las Vegas -- Fremont Street -- Murals
2014_NV_Reno_Art8NV -- Reno -- Public Art
2018_07_12C2_Reno_Art7NV -- Reno -- Public Art (Partially reviewed)
2018_07_11A_Tonopah29NV -- Tonopah (Partially reviewed)
2008_NY_Catskill_Cats112NY -- Catskill -- Cat-n-Around Catskill 2008
2009_NY_NYC_Toynbee1NY -- New York City -- Public Art: Stickman Robot
Until now, I had thought that the Stickman Rober characters were only in DC but I ran into this one near Central Park, New York City. They are also apparently in a variety of states around the country.
2018_08_16D2_NYC_Alamo3NY -- NYC -- Alamo (by Tony Rosenthal) @ Astor Place (Partially reviewed)
2016_NY_Love_Peace_Joy9NY -- NYC -- Barneys -- Love Peace Joy Project
Ebony G. Patterson’s Holiday Window Sends A Message Of Love And Empathy

Both haunting and joyful, the Holiday ‘16 window that Ebony G. Patterson has created at our Downtown flagship quite literally asks people to stop and engage, thanks to a chorus of voices who chant, “See me, see me,” to passersby....
2016_NY_Cool_Globes44NY -- NYC -- Battery Park -- Public Art: Cool Globes exhibit
Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet
Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet, is a public art exhibition designed to raise awareness of solutions to climate change. Cool Globes grew out of a commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2005, and was incorporated as a non-profit organization...
2008_NY_NYC_Peace_Fountain16NY -- NYC -- Cathedral of St. John the Divine -- Peace Fountain
2018_08_15D_NYC_Peace_Fountain97NY -- NYC -- Cathedral of St. John the Divine -- Peace Fountain (Partially reviewed)
2008_NY_CP_Alice12NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Alice in Wonderland
2011_NY_CP_Alice26NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Alice in Wonderland
2016_NY_CP_Alice29NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Alice in Wonderland
2018_08_24H3_CP_Alice4NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Alice in Wonderland (Partially reviewed)
2008_NY_CP_Cleos_Needle9NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Cleopatra's Needle
2018_08_24H2_CP_Cleos_Needle20NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Cleopatra's Needle (Partially reviewed)
2002_NY_CP_Dancing_Goat2NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Dancing Goat (sculpture) (by zoo)
2002_NY_CP_Delacorte_Clock1NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Delacorte Music Clock (by zoo)
2008_NY_CP_Delacorte_Clock10NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Delacorte Music Clock (by zoo)
2018_08_24I3_CP_Delacorte_Clock17NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Delacorte Music Clock (by zoo) (Partially reviewed)
2011_NY_CP_HCAndersen11NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Hans Christian Andersen Memorial
2011_NY_CP_7thReg5NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Seventh Regiment Memorial
2016_NY_CP_Shrigley_Memorial4NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Temporary Art: David Shrigley's Memorial
David Shrigley: MEMORIAL
On View: September 8, 2016 to February 12, 2017

Across the centuries, memorials have acted as public sites of collective remembrance and markers of our shared cultural heritage. Some monuments continue to hold a contemporary significance, while others have become obsolete in...
2017_NY_CP_Fences6NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Temporary Art: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors (by Ai Weiwei)
On View: October 12, 2017 - February 11, 2018
Ai Weiwei: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
Ai Weiwei conceived this multi-site, multi-media exhibition for public spaces, monuments, buildings, transportation sites, and advertising platforms throughout New York City. Collectively, these elements comprise...
2018_08_24J3_CP_Shonibare6NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Temporary Art: Wind Sculpture (SG) I (by Yinka Shonibare)
Yinka Shonibare MBE: Wind Sculpture (SG) I
Mar 7, 2018 – Oct 14, 2018
One of Britain’s best-known contemporary artists, Yinka Shonibare (b. 1962, London) spent his childhood between England and Nigeria. He settled permanently in London in the early 1980s, where he attended art school. Shonibare... (Partially reviewed)
2001_NY_NYC_Charging_Bull2NY -- NYC -- Charging Bull (by Arturo Di Modica)
2016_NY_NYC_Charging_Bull5NY -- NYC -- Charging Bull (by Arturo Di Modica)
2018_08_24E8_NYC_Charging_Bull20NY -- NYC -- Charging Bull (by Arturo Di Modica) and Fearless Girl (by Kristen Visbal) (Partially reviewed)
2018_08_24G1_NYC_ChaseP18NY -- NYC -- Chase Plaza incl Group of Four Trees (by Jean Dubuffet) (Partially reviewed)
2016_NY_NYC_Fancy_Animal63NY -- NYC -- Garment District -- Public Art: A Fancy Animal Carnival (by Hung Yi)
A flight of whimsy arrived on the Broadway Pedestrian Plaza in the Garment District yesterday. Titled A Fancy Animal Carnival, these eleven large-scale, colorful sculptures were created by the Taiwanese artist, Hung Yi. Each of the whimsical sculptures reflects folk culture as well as region, and...
2003_NY_Grand_Central22NY -- NYC -- Grand Central Terminal
When I was there, there was an art show going on. The "TV's for Movie People" exhibit was sponsored by the AMC channel and the School of Visual Arts (SVA). It featured 50 one-of-a-kind customized television sets which highlighted a particular scene from a favorite movie. For example, the shower scene...
2017_NY_High_Line_95Horatio3NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: 95 Horatio Street, 2017 (by Do Hu Suh)
Do Hu Suh
95 Horatio Street, 2017
June 2017-ongoing
2018_08_15G3_High_Line_Cream4NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Agora: C.R.E.A.M. (by Sable Elyse Smith)
Sable Elyse Smith (b. 1986, Los Angeles, California) examines the complex language and emotional landscapes embedded in systems of surveillance and structures of constraint, and the often invisible ways in which they shape our minds and direct our bodies. For the High Line, Smith creates C.R.E.A.M.... (Partially reviewed)
2018_08_15G6_High_Line_Change4NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Agora: Forgiving Change (by Timur Si-Qin)
Timur Si-Qin (b. 1984, Berlin, Germany) creates artwork that posits advertising and commercial marketing as a result and extension of biology. Across his practice, Si-Qin works to combat essentialism—whether in branding, language, or nature itself. He often builds seemingly organic environments whose... (Partially reviewed)
2018_08_15G4_High_Line_Lamp3NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Agora: I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door (by Dorothy Iannone)
Dorothy Iannone
I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door
March 2018–March 2019
Adjacent to the High Line at 22nd St.
Dorothy Iannone is a Berlin-based artist whose works focus on eroticism and the female sexual experience. Inspired by Egyptian frescoes, Byzantine mosaics, and ancient fertility statues,... (Partially reviewed)
2018_08_15G8_High_Line_Cree5NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Agora: pêyakotênaw (by Duane Linklater)
Duane Linklater (b. 1976, Moose Factory, Canada) is an Omaskêko Ininiwak artist from Moose Cree First Nation. He explores the relationship between indigenous people and museums, especially the differences in how the two value indigenous institutions and art objects. For the High Line, Linklater presents... (Partially reviewed)
2018_08_15G5_High_Line_Dig8NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Agora: The Dig of No Body (by Mariechen Danz)
Mariechen Danz (b. 1980, Dublin, Ireland) is a Berlin-based artist who researches representations of the body, investigating the way it has been given meaning in various cultures, epochs, and fields of knowledge. In her installations, performances and music, often in collaboration with other artists and... (Partially reviewed)
2018_08_15G7_High_Line_Bunk_Bed4NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Agora: Void Ratio of a Bunk Bed (by Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa)
Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa (b. 1978, Guatemala City, Guatemala) creates sculptures, videos, and performances that explore absence, presence, and the way our bodies interact with the built environment. For the High Line, Ramirez-Figueroa casts a bunk bed in aluminum, referencing the fraternity of a shared... (Partially reviewed)
2016_NY_High_Line_BlueP2NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Blue Portrait (Nokia N82) (by Torbjørn Rødland)
Torbjørn Rødland
In "Blue Portrait (Nokia N82)," the Los-Angeles based photographer uses his camera to create a mysterious, even perplexing combination of images, juxtaposing—among other things—a Nokia mobile phone and a portrait of Anne Frank. Presented as part of a series of public art installations...
2017_NY_High_Line_Chess6NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: chess: relatives (by Darren Bader)
Darren Bader
chess: relatives
May 6, 2017 – April 2018
On the High Line under The Standard, High Line

Darren Bader is an artist whose practice takes a variety of forms, all of which he considers sculpture. He often bridges absurdity and sincerity, resulting in humorous, tongue-in-cheek works that...
2016_NY_High_Line_HS3NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Heritage Studies #10 (by Iman Issa)
Heritage Studies #10
A five-foot-long copper cylinder, part of her ongoing work “Heritage Studies” begun in 2015.
2017_NY_High_Line_Hop6NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Hop, Skip, Jump, and Fly: Escape From Gravity (by Sheila Hicks)
Sheila Hicks
Hop, Skip, Jump, and Fly: Escape From Gravity
June 2017 – March 2018
On the High Line at the Western Rail Yards

For over 50 years, American artist Sheila Hicks has redefined the boundaries of fiber as a medium, creating a distinctive body of work that falls between the fields of fine...
2016_NY_High_Line_Pres4NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: I want a president (by Zoe Leonard)
I want a president
A text-based work installed on the occasion of the upcoming 2016 U.S. presidential election, this piece from 1992 renders a poignant portrait of the cultural and political climate in the early ‘90s in New York City with words that still...
2017_NY_High_Line_Amulet3NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Mutations: Amulet II (by Jumana Manna)
Jumana Manna
Mutations: Amulet II
April 2017 – March 2018

Jumana Manna (b. 1987, Princeton, New Jersey) makes films and sculptures that explore the ways in which power— be it social, political, or interpersonal — interacts with the human body. Her sculptures take interest in the calcifications of...
2017_NY_High_Line_CTrap3NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Mutations: Avian Bird’s-Eye Burl Perch Camera Trap (by Larry Bamburg)
Larry Bamburg
Mutations: Avian Bird’s-Eye Burl Perch Camera Trap
April 2017 – March 2018

Larry Bamburg (b. 1974, Houston, Texas) uses natural materials to create process-based works that often vacillate between living and dead, natural and manmade. For Mutations, Bamburg erects Avian Bird’s-Eye...
2017_NY_High_Line_Giantess3NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Mutations: Giantess (by Sascha Braunig)
Sascha Braunig
Mutations: Giantess
April 2017 – March 2018

Sascha Braunig (b. 1983, Qualicum Beach, Canada) is known for her highly sculptural paintings of abstracted figures. For the High Line, Braunig presents Giantess, a sculpture of two oversized shoes with sharp, elongated toes and heel...
2017_NY_High_Line_Swallower6NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Mutations: L’Avalée des avalés (The Swallower Swallowed) (by Jon Rafman)
Jon Rafman
Mutations: L’Avalée des avalés (The Swallower Swallowed)
April 2017 – March 2018

Jon Rafman’s (b. 1981, Montreal, Canada) videos and sculptures are comprised of images constantly swallowing one another, much in the way that we consume media ourselves every day. For the High Line, Rafman...
2017_NY_High_Line_Deliciosa5NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Mutations: La Deliciosa Show (by Radamés “Juni” Figueroa)
Radamés “Juni” Figueroa
Mutations: La Deliciosa Show
April 2017 – March 2018

Radamés “Juni” Figueroa (b. 1982, Puerto Rico) builds site-specific gathering spaces from rudimentary, and often found, building materials. Everyday life in the tropics is central to Figueroa’s work as a visual reference...
2017_NY_High_Line_Locus6NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Mutations: Locus of Control (by Alisa Baremboym)
Alisa Baremboym
Mutations: Locus of Control
April 2017 – March 2018

Alisa Baremboym (b. 1982, Moscow, Soviet Union) currently works using unglazed fired clay, acrylic and steel to explore the porous relationship between our physical bodies and the consequences of production and consumption in...
2017_NY_High_Line_Rest_In5NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Mutations: REST IN (by Guan Xiao)
Guan Xiao
Mutations: REST IN
April 2017 – March 2018

Guan Xiao (b. 1983, Chongqing, China) works primarily in sculpture, installation, and video. Layering images and texts digitally printed on fabric backdrops with ready- and custom-made objects stacked or displayed on tripods, Guan’s work suggests...
2017_NY_High_Line_Salam6NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Mutations: Salamanderbrunnen (by Veit Laurent Kurz)
Veit Laurent Kurz
Mutations: Salamanderbrunnen
April 2017 – March 2018

Veit Laurent Kurz (b. 1985, Erbach, Germany) cultivates artificial ecosystems composed of a variety of living and nonliving materials, including plants, mosses, nondescript chemicals, biohazardous material containers, industrial...
2017_NY_High_Line_Tidal3NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Mutations: Section of Intertidal Landscape (Hair Metastasis) (by Max Hooper Schneider)
Max Hooper Schneider
Mutations: Section of Intertidal Landscape (Hair Metastasis)
April 2017 – March 2018

Max Hooper Schneider (b. 1982, Los Angeles) builds terrariums and aquariums that contain a panoply of natural and synthetic animals and plants. Hooper Schneider embeds these “Trans-Habitats”...
2017_NY_High_Line_Sphinx5NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Mutations: SPHINX JOACHIM (by Marguerite Humeau)
Marguerite Humeau
April 2017 – March 2018

Marguerite Humeau (b. 1986, France) weaves factual events into speculative narratives, enabling unknown, invisible, or extinct forms of life to erupt in grandiose splendor. For the High Line, Humeau proposes SPHINX JOACHIM, a...
2017_NY_High_Line_Canary5NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Mutations: The Emperor’s Canary (by Joanna Malinowska and C.T. Jasper)
Joanna Malinowska and C.T. Jasper
Mutations: The Emperor’s Canary
April 2017 – March 2018

Joanna Malinowska (b. 1972, Gdynia, Poland) and C.T. Jasper ( b. 1971, Gdansk, Poland) make videos, sculptures, and sound works that intertwine historical and geographical narratives in absurd post-colonial...
2017_NY_High_Line_Forecast3NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Mutations: The Forecast (New York Situation) (by Dora Budor)
Dora Budor
Mutations: The Forecast (New York Situation)
April 2017 – March 2018

Dora Budor (b. 1984, Zagreb, Croatia) works in systems of film ecologies, using a variety of screenused materials from film sets, including set miniatures, prosthetics and skin appliances, props and visual effects...
2016_NY_High_Line_Sleep9NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Sleepwalker (by Tony Matelli)
A hyper-realistic painted bronze sculpture of a somnambulant man lost and adrift in the world.
2016_NY_High_Line_Smart6NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Smart Tree (by Nari Ward)
Smart Tree
APRIL 2016 – MARCH 2017
A Smart car with an apple tree sprouting from its roof inspired by a childhood memory of the artist.
2016_NY_High_Line_Steel3NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Steel Rings (by Rayyane Tabet)
Steel Rings
A sculpture that replicates 37 kilometers of the defunct Trans-Arabian Pipeline, a 753-mile-long American venture that transported oil by land from Saudi Arabia to Lebanon through Jordan, Syria, and the Golan Heights between 1950 and 1983.
2016_NY_High_Line_Bathers6NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Sunbathers I & II (by Kathryn Andews)
Sunbathers I & II
MAY 2016 – MARCH 2017
Two aluminum boxes featuring screen-printed images responding to the High Line.
2017_NY_High_Line_Floaters5NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: the floaters (by Henry Taylor)
Henry Taylor
the floaters
March 17, 2017 – March 2018
2016_NY_High_Line_Red4NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: The Red Inside (by Paulo Nazareth)
A grouping of cast cement watermelons that references the corrupt labor policies involved in the construction of the iconic historical capital of Brasília.
2016_NY_High_Line_Blind4NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Untitled (Blind Idealism Is...) (by Barbara Kruger)
MARCH 21, 2016 – MARCH 2017

New York, NY (March 16, 2016) – Presented by Friends of the High Line, High Line Art is pleased to announce the upcoming High Line Commission by renowned artist Barbara...
2016_NY_High_Line_Swan3NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Untitled (Swan) (by Matt Johnson)
Untitled (Swan)
A new sculpture derived from the artist’s doodles in a sketch book, then bent from an original rail track from the High Line.
2018_08_24K4_NYC_Jean_Marc4NY -- NYC -- Jean-Marc (by Xavier Veilhan) @ 127 W 53rd on Fifth Avenue (Partially reviewed)
2009_NY_NYC_Love3NY -- NYC -- LOVE scupture (by Robert Indiana) @ Sixth Avenue and 55th Street
2011_NY_NYC_Love1NY -- NYC -- LOVE scupture (by Robert Indiana) @ Sixth Avenue and 55th Street
2018_08_24K2_NYC_Love3NY -- NYC -- LOVE scupture (by Robert Indiana) @ Sixth Avenue and 55th Street (Partially reviewed)
2016_NY_Madison_SqPk_BB7NY -- NYC -- Madison Square Park -- Public Art: Big Bling (by Martin Puryear)
May 16, 2016 - April 2, 2017
Big Bling, a forty-foot high, temporary multi-tier structure will be Mad. Sq. Art’s thirty-third public art...
2018_08_16B3_Madison_SqPk_DM14NY -- NYC -- Madison Square Park -- Public Art: Delirious Matter (by Diana Al-Hadid)
We are pleased to announce Mad. Sq. Art’s thirty-sixth exhibition, Delirious Matter by artist Diana Al-Hadid, on view from May 14, 2018 through September 3, 2018. Six new sculptures will be installed across Madison Square Park’s central Oval Lawn, peripheral lawns, and northern reflecting pool.... (Partially reviewed)
2003_NY_Madison_SqPk_Gothic3NY -- NYC -- Madison Square Park -- Public Art: Gothic: Caterpillar & Chantier (by Wim Delvoye)
Wim Delvoye's Gothic: Caterpillar & Chantier
On View Jun 27, 2003 – Sep 30, 2003
In Wim Delvoye's Gothic, divine merges with secular, past meets present, and ornament overcomes strict functionality. In his life-size replicas of Caterpillar excavators, Delvoye (b.1965, Wervik, Belgium) juxtaposes...
2001_NY_Madison_SqPk_Taxi2NY -- NYC -- Madison Square Park -- Public Art: I (heart) Taxi (by Navin Rawanchaikul)
On View: May 31, 2001 – Sep 30, 2001
Navin Rawanchaikul, I (heart) Taxi
Navin Rawanchaikul's I (heart) Taxi project includes comic books, taxi tents, benches, and a food stand, all of which depict a collage of stories Rawanchaikul (b.1971, Chiang Mai, Thailand) collected from New York taxi drivers....
2018_08_16D3_Astor_Place_Mosaic24NY -- NYC -- Mosaic Trail @ Astor Place / Cooper Triangle (Partially reviewed)
2016_NY_NYC_Murals39NY -- NYC -- Murals
2017_NY_NYC_Murals7NY -- NYC -- Murals
2018_08_15A2_NYC_Murals7NY -- NYC -- Murals (Partially reviewed)
2018_08_16A2_NYC_Murals49NY -- NYC -- Murals (Partially reviewed)
2018_08_23A2_NYC_Murals10NY -- NYC -- Murals (Partially reviewed)
2018_08_24A2_NYC_Murals6NY -- NYC -- Murals (Partially reviewed)
2018_08_23B6_NYC_Overlook_Bar76NY -- NYC -- Overlook: A New York, NY Bar and Grill (225 E 44th St) incl Cartoon Wall (Partially reviewed)
2018_08_23D4_NYC_Armors5NY -- NYC -- Public Art Fund -- Armors (by Steinunn Thorarinsdottir)
Steinunn Thorarinsdottir, “Armors”
Icelandic artist Thorarinsdottir goes medieval at the Cloisters with her surreal sculptural installation. It features three different pairings of an androgynous figure with a suit of armor from the Metropolitan Museum’s collection that had been 3D scanned before it... (Partially reviewed)
2011_NY_Circle_Animals40NY -- NYC -- Public Art: Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads sculpture (by Ai Weiwei) @ The Plaza
Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads
Bronze, 2010
Ai Weiwei, artist
On view: May 2, 2011 - July 15, 2011
Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads is the first major public art sculpture by celebrated contemporary Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.
Comprised on 12 bronze animal heads, each weighing approximately 800...
2017_NY_Funseetz8NY -- NYC -- Public Art: Fun Seetz (by Eleanora Kupencow)
Six colorful sculptures depicting faces, figures and animals are currently perched on the Pearl Street Triangle on Old Fulton Street in DUMBO. Artist Eleanor Kupencow was inspired by the iconography of Mayan, Aboriginal, and Native American art, with a touch of Modern Art, when creating the installation...
2018_08_15A4_NYC_Garment_Needle9NY -- NYC -- Public Art: Giant Needle and Button (by Judith Weller) (Partially reviewed)
2018_08_24L5_NYC_Grown_Up10NY -- NYC -- Public Art: Grown Up Flowers (by PlayLab Inc.) (Partially reviewed)
2016_NY_NYC_Metronome6NY -- NYC -- Public Art: Metronome (by Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel) @ Union Square
2018_08_16B8_NYC_Metronome5NY -- NYC -- Public Art: Metronome (by Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel) @ Union Square (Partially reviewed)
2018_08_16C5_NYC_Toynbee2NY -- NYC -- Public Art: Some other road tile (Partially reviewed)
2018_08_23B7_NYC_Toynbee3NY -- NYC -- Public Art: Toynbee tiles/Stickman Robots (Partially reviewed)
2018_08_24A3_NYC_Toynbee6NY -- NYC -- Public Art: Toynbee tiles/Stickman Robots (Partially reviewed)
2018_08_24G2_NYC_Red_Cube8NY -- NYC -- Red Cube (by Isamu Noguchi) @ 140 Broadway (Partially reviewed)
2002_NY_Rock_Center9NY -- NYC -- Rockefeller Center
2003_NY_Rock_Center34NY -- NYC -- Rockefeller Center
The art things around the center were a temporary exhibit by Takashi Murakami. The brochure describes him this way:

... The artist... has created an ever-expanding kaleidoscope matrix of happy flowers, fanged mushrooms, winking eyeballs, and mutant cartoon characters that are at once sweet and...
2008_NY_Rock_Center31NY -- NYC -- Rockefeller Center
2011_NY_Rock_Center131NY -- NYC -- Rockefeller Center
On this trip, I found the brochure describing artwork in the Rockefeller Center and tried to see it all.

Rockefeller Center
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Center art:

Rockefeller Center represents a turning point in the history of architectural sculpture: it is among the last major...
2016_NY_Rock_Center53NY -- NYC -- Rockefeller Center
2017_NY_Rock_Center17NY -- NYC -- Rockefeller Center
Santa Claus was on the ice skating rink for Christmas. Also includes the lobby of 45 Rockefeller Plaza with it's Gillie and Marc Papparazi Dogs sculptures.
2011_NY_Rock_NBC12NY -- NYC -- Rockefeller Center -- NBC Studio entrance
2018_08_24L3_Rock_NBC30NY -- NYC -- Rockefeller Center -- NBC Studio entrance (Partially reviewed)
2017_NY_Rock_PapDogs15NY -- NYC -- Rockefeller Center -- Paparazzi Dogs (by Gillie and Marc)
2002_NY_NYC_Radio_City2NY -- NYC -- Rockefeller Center -- Radio City Music Hall
2011_NY_NYC_Radio_City17NY -- NYC -- Rockefeller Center -- Radio City Music Hall
2018_08_24L1_NYC_Radio_City15NY -- NYC -- Rockefeller Center -- Radio City Music Hall (Partially reviewed)
2017_NY_Rock_Swarovski5NY -- NYC -- Rockefeller Center -- Swarovski Star
2008_NY_NYC_Solow2NY -- NYC -- Solow Bldg (9 West 57th St) incl "Moonbird" (by Joan Miro)
2016_NY_NYC_Solow1NY -- NYC -- Solow Bldg (9 West 57th St) incl "Moonbird" (by Joan Miro)
2018_08_16B9_Union_Sq_Mural15NY -- NYC -- Union Square Mural @ Wells Fargo Bank (Partially reviewed)
2016_NY_Union_Sq_Morphous7NY -- NYC -- Union Square Park -- Public Art: Morphous (by Lionel Smit)
Lionel Smit, MORPHOUS
June 13, 2016 to April 30, 2017
Union Square Park, Manhattan

MORPHOUS is an exploration of hybrid identity and its ever-changing nature within South Africa’s social landscape. This bronze sculpture, featuring the conjoined heads of two outward-gazing young women,...
2018_08_16B7_Union_Sq_Crystal2NY -- NYC -- Union Square Park -- Public Art: Rose Crystal Tower (by Dale Chihuly)
Dale Chihuly, Rose Crystal Tower
October 6, 2017 to October 5, 2018
The Rose Crystal Tower stands 31-feet tall and is composed of Polyvitro crystals and steel. Polyvitro—an invention of Chihuly Studio—is the artist’s term for a plastic material which he casts into individual chunks which resemble... (Partially reviewed)
2018_08_24G3_NYC_Zuccotti_Park10NY -- NYC -- Zuccotti Park incl Joie de Vivre (by Mark di Suvero) (Partially reviewed)
2016_NY_Toynbee13NY -- Public Art: Toynbee tiles @ Herald Park
By Herald Park. The old fashioned type!
2012_OH_Big_Pig38OH -- Cincinnati -- Public Art: Big Pig
1998_PA_Getty_Cyc8PA -- Gettysburg Natl Battlefield -- Cyclorama
2003_PA_Getty_Cyc19PA -- Gettysburg Natl Battlefield -- Cyclorama
2008_PA_Getty_Cyc94PA -- Gettysburg Natl Battlefield -- Cyclorama
This was my first chance to see the redone cyclorama. They did a nice job with it and the diorama adds a lot to it. The guide let me sit through the show twice so I could take more photos.
2009_PA_Getty_Cyc74PA -- Gettysburg Natl Battlefield -- Cyclorama
2011_PA_Getty_Cyc4PA -- Gettysburg Natl Battlefield -- Cyclorama
The old site.
1998_PA_Philly_Art9PA -- Philadelphia -- Public Art
2000_PA_Philly_Art1PA -- Philadelphia -- Public Art
2007_PA_Philly_Art1PA -- Philadelphia -- Public Art
2008_PA_Philly_Art38PA -- Philadelphia -- Public Art
2009_PA_Philly_Art5PA -- Philadelphia -- Public Art
2010_PA_Philly_Art7PA -- Philadelphia -- Public Art
2013_PA_Philly_Art14PA -- Philadelphia -- Public Art
2013_PA_Toynbee1PA -- Philadelphia -- Public Art: Peace symbol on the street
Peace symbol applied basically the same way the Toynbee tiles and Stickman Robots were done.
2013_PA_York_Murals78PA -- York -- Murals of York
2012_INT_Cruise_Art_Demo75Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship "Freedom of the Seas" -- Promenade: Napkin, Towel, and Fruit sculptors
2018_02_09C5_Greenville_Tuan15SC -- Greenville -- Public Art: Reminiscence and Meditation (by Tuan) (Partially reviewed)
2018_02_10D3_Greenville_Tuan3SC -- Greenville -- Public Art: Reminiscence and Meditation (by Tuan) (Partially reviewed)
2011_TN_Chat_BluffVw43TN -- Chattanooga -- Bluff View Art District
2011_TN_Hunter_OSculp32TN -- Chattanooga -- Hunter Museum -- Outdoor Sculpture
2011_TN_JRoss_Landing37TN -- Chattanooga -- John Ross Landing
2011_TN_Chat_Art65TN -- Chattanooga -- Public Art
2017_TN_Chat_Art52TN -- Chattanooga -- Public Art
2011_TN_Chat_NShore_Art8TN -- Chattanooga -- Public Art (North Shore)
2011_TN_Tenn_Aquarium136TN -- Chattanooga -- Tennessee Aquarium
2011_TN_Tenn_Aquarium_Jelly30TN -- Chattanooga -- Tennessee Aquarium -- Jelly Fish
2011_TN_Tenn_AquariumS11TN -- Chattanooga -- Tennessee Aquarium Sidewalk
2017_TN_Toynbee2TN -- Knoxville -- Public Art: Stickman Robots
Found a stickman robot across the Knoxville Museum of Art!
2016_UT_Salt_Gilgal68UT -- Salt Lake City -- Gilgal Sculpture Garden
2016_UT_Salt_Lake_Art23UT -- Salt Lake City -- Public Art
2010_VA_Edmonson14VA -- Alexandria -- Public Art: Edmonson Sisters Statue
2010_VA_Art_On_ART19VA -- Arlington -- Art on Arlington Transit
2011_VA_CVille_ArtInPlace19VA -- Charlottesville -- ArtInPlace
2017_VA_Charlottesville_FOS37VA -- Charlottesville -- Freedom of Speech Wall
2017_VA_Charlottesville_Art10VA -- Charlottesville -- Public Art
2011_VA_Charlottesville_Art3VA -- Charlottesville -- Public Art (Except ArtInPlace)
2012_VA_CC2VA -- Crystal City
2005_VA_Fred_Art1VA -- Fredericksburg -- Public Art
2011_VA_Fred_Art20VA -- Fredericksburg -- Public Art
2014_VA_Fred_Art9VA -- Fredericksburg -- Public Art
2017_VA_Fred_Art16VA -- Fredericksburg -- Public Art
2007_VA_Lorton19VA -- Lorton -- Lorton Reformatory
2012_VA_Newport_News_Art27VA -- Newport News -- Public Art
2018_06_01E_Newport_News_Art59VA -- Newport News -- Public Art (Partially reviewed)
2005_VA_Mermaids14VA -- Norfolk -- Public Art: Mermaids
2006_VA_Mermaids2VA -- Norfolk -- Public Art: Mermaids
2013_VA_Art_Under_Foot64VA -- Petersburg -- Art Under Foot
2012_VA_Richmond_Art8VA -- Richmond -- Public Art (incl Murals)
2014_VA_Richmond_Art67VA -- Richmond -- Public Art (incl Murals)
2015_VA_Richmond_Art128VA -- Richmond -- Public Art (incl Murals)
2016_VA_Richmond_Art24VA -- Richmond -- Public Art (incl Murals)
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