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2019_MD_Devils_Doorway_19030188AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2019) -- "Devil's Doorway" (w/Aislinn Clarke and Lalor Roddy)
Devil's Doorway, The
Special Features: Q&A with director Aislinn Clarke and actor Lalor Roddy
What unholy terrors lurk behind the walls of a secretive Irish convent? Northern Ireland, 1960: Father Thomas Riley (Lalor Roddy, DON'T LEAVE HOME, FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY, HUNGER) and Father John Thornton...
2019_MD_Dont_Leave_19030293AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2019) -- "Don't Leave Home" (w/Michael Tully and Lalor Roddy)
Don't Leave Home
Special Features: Q&A with director Michael Tully and actor Lalor Roddy
After unveiling her new sculptural exhibit on Irish urban legends, artist Melanie Thomas (Anna Margaret Hollyman, SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE, WHITE REINDEER) is contacted by Father Alistair Burke (Lalor Roddy, THE...
2019_MD_I_Dolours_19030276AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2019) -- "I, Dolours" (w/Ed Moloney)
I, Dolours
Special Features: Q&A with journalist and producer Ed Moloney
Dolours Price, the infamous IRA radical convicted of bombing England's Old Bailey in 1973, granted a series of revealing interviews in 2010 on the strict condition of their posthumous release. The interviews, brought to life...
2019_MD_Lost_And_Found_1903016AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2019) -- "Lost And Found" (w/Eamonn Norris)
Lost And Found (2017)
Special Features: Introduction by co-producer Eamonn Norris
Winner of the Best Foreign Feature prize at the Arizona International Film Festival, LOST AND FOUND explores seven interconnecting stories set in and around the lost and found office of an Irish train station. Daniel...
2019_MD_Drummer_19022890AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2019) -- "The Drummer And The Keeper" (w/Nick Kelly)
The Drummer And The Keeper
Q&A with director Nick Kelly and post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of Ireland
Winner of Best Irish First Feature at the 2017 Galway Film Fleadh, THE DRUMMER AND THE KEEPER explores the unlikely friendship formed between two young men: Gabriel (Dermot Murphy,...
2019_MD_August_Virgin_19121850AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2019) -- "August Virgin" (w/Vito Sanz)
August Virgin, The
Special Features: Q&A with actor Vito Sanz on Dec. 18
[La Virgen De Agosto]
On the verge of turning 33, Eva decides to spend her August in Madrid, where the heat and holiday festivities (las verbenas) drive most locals to abandon the city. From her borrowed flat, and without grand...
2019_MD_Dafne_19121054AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2019) -- "Dafne" (w/Federico Bondi)
Q&A with filmmaker Federico Bondi 
Winner of a FIPRESCI Prize at this year's Berlinale, Federico Bondi's (MAR NERO) poignant sophomore feature follows 36-year-old Dafne (Carolina Raspanti), a bright young woman with Down syndrome whose stable family life is upended by the unexpected death of her...
2019_MD_Mr_Jones_191215108AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2019) -- "Mr. Jones" (w/Andrea Chalupa) plus reception
MR. JONES (2019)
Special Features: Dec. 15 show features Q&A with screenwriter Andrea Chalupa, plus reception sponsored by Polka Deli
The latest film from Agnieszka Holland (EUROPA, EUROPA; IN DARKNESS; SPOOR) tells the real-life story of Gareth Jones (1905–1935), a Welsh journalist and foreign...
2019_MD_Guardian_19120966AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2019) -- "Variações - Guardian Angel" (w/João Maia)
*North American Premiere*
Variações - Guardian Angel
Q&A with filmmaker João Maia following the screening
Portuguese pop music icon António Variações gets his due in this long-awaited biopic, which charts the singer's unlikely rise to fame before his untimely death from HIV/AIDS in 1984. The young...
2019_MD_New_Spanish_19061463AFI -- Festival of New Spanish Cinema (2019) -- Opening Reception
REALM, THE (2018)
Special Features: Post-screening reception sponsored by SPAIN arts & culture
Winner of 7 Goya Awards, including Best Director and Best Lead Actor, this fast-paced thriller from Rodrigo Sorogoyen (MAY GOD SAVE US) depicts Spain's current political climate through the...
2019_MD_Scarlet_Hour_19102028AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2019) -- "The Scarlet Hour" (w/Eddie Muller)
Scarlet Hour, The in 35mm
Special Features: Introduction by Eddie Muller
Nearing the end of his legendary directing career, Michael Curtiz produced and directed this intricately plotted thriller in which tony seductress Paulie Nevins (Carol Omhart) and her lover (Tom Tryon), overhearing plans for a...
2019_MD_Woman_Run_19102067AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2019) -- "Woman On The Run" (w/Eddie Muller and Imogen Sara Smith)
Woman On The Run (1950) in 35mm
Special Features: Introduction by Eddie Muller, post-screening discussion with Muller and film historian Imogen Sara Smith. FREE screening co-presented with the National Gallery of Art; limit 2 tickets per person.
San Franciscan Frank Johnson (Ross Elliott) disappears...
2019_MD_Unexpected_19091251AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2019) -- "An Unexpected Love" opening reception
Special Features: Post-screening wine reception sponsored by the Embassy of Argentina on Sept 12
U.S. Premiere
The directorial debut of longtime producer Juan Vera (THE LAST SUIT, THE QUEEN OF FEAR) is a delightful rom-com starring two of Latin America's...
2019_MD_Clean_Hands_19092239AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2019) -- "Clean Hands" (w/Michael Dominic)
Special Features: Q&A with filmmaker Michael Dominic on Sept 22
Shot over the course of seven years, CLEAN HANDS documents the human drama, personal struggle, innocence and salvation of one family in Nicaragua surviving against the backdrop of Central America's...
2019_MD_Good_Girls_19092071AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2019) -- "The Good Girls" reception
Special Features: Post-screening reception sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Institute on Sept 20
This meticulously crafted, vibrant social satire from Alejandra Márquez Abella (SEMANA SANTA) examines Mexico's crumbling upper-middle class during the country's 1982...
2019_MD_Kojo_190307148AFI -- New African Films Festival (2019) -- "Burial Of Kojo" (w/Samuel "Blitz" Bazawule)
The Burial Of Kojo
Special Features: Q&A with director Samuel "Blitz" Bazawule aka Blitz the Ambassador and post-screening cocktail reception powered by Smirnoff
The feature debut of Brooklyn-based Ghanaian musician Samuel "Blitz" Bazawule (known by his stage name, Blitz the Ambassador), THE BURIAL OF...
2019_MD_Metropolis_19111637AFI -- Silent Cinema -- "Metropolis" (w/Alloy Orchestra)
Special Features: Live musical accompaniment by Alloy Orchestra
Incorporating more than 25 minutes of newly recovered, long-lost footage, the 2010 restoration of METROPOLIS is the definitive edition of Fritz Lang's science-fiction masterpiece. Like puzzle pieces, these scenes and subplots...
2019_MD_Thibaudeau_1911237AFI -- Silent Cinema -- "Song of the Scarlet Flower" (w/Gabriel Thibaudeau and Peggy Parsons)
Special Features: Live musical accompaniment by Gabriel Thibaudeau on Nov. 23; recorded orchestral score Nov. 25–27
100th Anniversary
The first and most famous of several screen adaptations of the 1900 novel by...
2019_MD_Zombie_19102646AFI -- Silver Spring Zombie Walk (2019)
2019_MD_Palcy_19112384AFI -- "A Dry White Season" (w/Euzhan Palcy)
Special Features: Q&A with writer/director Euzhan Palcy, in discussion moderated by Chardelle Moore.
Co-presented with the 26th Annual Caribbean American Heritage Awards
With this bracing drama, made at the climax of the anti-apartheid movement, director Euzhan Palcy issued a...
2019_MD_Tilghman_19020721AFI -- "Bill Tilghman and the Outlaws" event
Spotlights near the theater attracted my attention. I wasn't invited to the screening so I just got some odd shots.
2019_MD_Creem_190420110AFI -- "Boy Howdy! The Story Of Creem Magazine" (w/Scott Crawford)
Boy Howdy! The Story Of Creem Magazine
Special Features: Introduction by Dave Nuttycombe; Q&A with filmmaker Scott Crawford, moderated by Neal Augenstein, WTOP
Washington, DC-area premiere!
Capturing the messy upheaval of the '70s just as rock was re-inventing itself, this documentary explores Creem...
2019_MD_Exorcist_19102663AFI -- "Exorcist" (w/Count Gore De Vol)
Special Features: Oct 26 screening presented by Count Gore De Vol!
Local TV legend Count Gore De Vol (Dick Dyszel) returns Oct. 26 to present another terrifying film with interactive games, prizes and more! (Also screening Oct 31, film only)
Forty-odd years...
2019_MD_Fungi_191212137AFI -- "Fantastic Fungi" (w/Louie Schwartzberg, Stephen Apkon, and Marcina Hale)
Special Features: Q&A with filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg at both shows
FANTASTIC FUNGI, directed by Louie Schwartzberg, is a consciousness-shifting documentary that takes us on an immersive journey through time and scale into the magical earth beneath our feet, an underground network...
2019_MD_Zeppelin_19012077AFI -- "Led Zeppelin Played Here" (w/Jeff Krulik)
LED ZEPPELIN PLAYED HERE Special Features: In person: filmmaker Jeff Krulik 50th anniversary of the legendary Led Zeppelin show at Wheaton Youth Center 1969. Man lands on the moon. Half a million strong at Woodstock. SESAME STREET debuts…. and Led Zeppelin perform in the gym of the Wheaton Youth Center...
2019_MD_Paradise_19082471AFI -- "Phantom of the Paradise" w/shadowcast by Bloody Mayhem Theatrical, featuring members of Guerrilla Theatre Front
Phantom Of The Paradise
Special Features: Pre-show cabaret & live shadowcast during the screening by Bloody Mayhem Theatrical, featuring members of Guerrilla Theatre Front!
45th Anniversary
Baltimore-based performers Bloody Mayhem Theatrical return to the AFI Silver to present an encore screening of...
2019_MD_Punk_19110986AFI -- "Punk the Capital: Building a Sound Movement" (w/Paul Bishow, James June Schneider, Sam Lavine, Boyd Farrell, Anne Bonafede, Diana Quinn)
Special Features: Filmmaker Q&As at all screenings
When punk rock exploded in Washington, DC, in the late 1970s, it was a mighty, intergenerational convergence of powerful music, close friendships and clear minds. Featuring breathtaking Super-8 footage...
2019_MD_Sturges_19111647AFI -- "The Lady Eve" (w/Preston Sturges)
Special Features: Intro and book event with Tom Sturges, author of "Preston Sturges: The Last Years of Hollywood's First Writer-Director" at the Nov. 16 show
"I need him like the axe needs the turkey." In Preston Sturges' masterpiece of amour fou, boyish herpetologist/brewery heir Henry...
2019_MD_Serengeti_19061417AFI -- "The Serengeti Rules" (w/Sean B. Carroll)
Special Features: ...
2019_MD_Thug_190430157AFI and PEN/Faulkner Foundation's Literary Conversations -- "The Hate U Give" w/Angie Thomas, Russell Hornsby, and Ramunda Young
Literature on Screen: THE HATE U GIVE
Special Features: Discussion with author Angie Thomas and actor Russell Hornsby, moderated by Ramunda Young, MahoganyBooks. With select clips from the film THE HATE U GIVE. Copies of Thomas' novel "The Hate U Give" available for sale and signing.
Author Angie...
2019_MD_Presidents_190529178AFI and Washington Monthly -- Fourth Estate Film Series (2019) -- "All the President's Men" (w/Bob Woodward and Paul Glastris)
Special Features: Intro by Washington Monthly digital editor Eric Cortellessa. Post-screening Q&A with Washington Monthly editor in chief Paul Glastris and legendary journalist Bob Woodward
"Follow the money." Deep Throat's admonition has guided whistleblowers and reporters...
2019_MD_Broadcast_News_190605158AFI and Washington Monthly -- Fourth Estate Film Series (2019) -- "Broadcast News" (w/James L. Brooks and Jane Mayer)
Special Features: Panel discussion with Academy Award®-winning filmmaker James L. Brooks and New Yorker staff writer Jane Mayer, moderated by Washington Monthly digital editor Eric Cortellessa. Introductory remarks were provided by Washington Monthly editor in chief Paul Glastris.
2019_MD_Girl_Friday_19061698AFI and Washington Monthly -- Fourth Estate Film Series (2019) -- "His Girl Friday" (w/Margaret Talbot, Timothy Noah, Thomas Burton, Alexandra Petri, and Eric Cortellessa)
Special Features: June 16 show features panel discussion w New Yorker writer Margaret Talbot; Politico labor editor Timothy Noah, WSJ reporter Thomas Burton, & Washington Post columnist Alexandra Petri, moderated by Washington Monthly's Eric Cortellessa

Perhaps Howard Hawks' most...
2019_MD_Network_190613106AFI and Washington Monthly -- Fourth Estate Film Series (2019) -- "Network" (w/Beth Reinhard, Clarence Page, Arch Campbell, and Paul Glastris)
Special Features: Panel discussion w/Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter Beth Reinhard; Pulitzer Prize-winning Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page; local feature writer Arch Campbell; moderated by Paul Glastris, editor in chief of Washington Monthly

"I'm as mad as hell, and...
2019_DC_Hail_Satan_19041631AFI Docs 2019 -- "Hail Satan?" (w/Penny Lane) @ Landmark E Street Cinemal
The American Film Institute Invites You And A Guest To Hail Satan?
Directed by Penny Lane, this hilarious documentary follows the growth of the Satanic Temple, one of the most colorful and controversial religious movements in today’s American political arena. The screening will be followed by a...
2019_DC_Knock_Down_19042968AFI Docs 2019 -- "Knock Down the House" (w/Rachel Lears, Amy Vilela, Kasie Hunt) @ Naval Heritage Center
AFI Docs And Meet The Press Invite You To
Knock Down The House
Q&A to follow with filmmaker Rachel Lears, moderated by NBC News’ Kasie Hunt.
This rousing documentary follows four extraordinary women—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Amy Vilela, Cori Bush, and Paula Jean Swearengin—who take on the...
2019_DC_Dr_Ruth_19041782AFI Docs 2019 and JxJ -- "Ask Dr. Ruth" (w/Dr. Ruth and Ryan White) @ Natl Museum of Amer History
Hulu, Magnolia Pictures, Afi Docs, Jxj And Smithsonian Theaters Invite You To Ask Dr. Ruth
Dr. Ruth and director Ryan White will both be in attendance.
ASK DR. RUTH chronicles the incredible life of Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a Holocaust survivor who became America’s most famous sex therapist. With her...
2019_DC_Legacy_190620130AFI Docs 2019 & CPB -- Panel: Cinema's Legacy: Innovations in Nonfiction Storytelling @ Newseum
AFI Docs
Cinema's Legacy: Innovations in Nonfiction Storytelling
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and AFI DOCS invite you to a reception and panel celebrating public media's rich history of nonfiction storytelling.
Speakers in sequence:
* Bob Gazzale, President and CEO of the American Film...
Contact: Bruce Guthrie