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2017_MD_GBF_Reception_170519251Gaithersburg Book Festival (2017) -- Author Reception
Among those authors shown here are (pretty much in sequence) Jud Ashman, Chris Van Dusen, Alex George, Christine Kendall, Jessica B. Harris, Salina Yoon, Phil Bildner, Kim Alexander, Todd Moss, Alison Wilgus, Penelope Bagieu, Booki Vivat, Dave Roman, Christina Kovac, Erin Teagan, Jen Swann Downey,...
2017_MD_GBF_DS_BS_17052011Gaithersburg Book Festival (2017) -- David O. Stewart and Burt Solomon w/Jennifer B. Yacovissi
(3) David O. Stewart and Burt Solomon, moderated by Jennifer B. Yacovissi

David O. Stewart
“The Babe Ruth Deception”
Genre: F Speaking: 11:15 Location: DH
David O. Stewart has written three novels and four books of American history: “The Summer of 1787;” “Impeached;” “American Emperor” and...
2018_MD_GBF_Reception_180518262Gaithersburg Book Festival (2018) -- Author Reception
2018_MD_GBF_AckermanE_1805197Gaithersburg Book Festival (2018) -- Elliot Ackerman
Elliot Ackerman
Dark At The Crossing
National Book Award Finalist Elliot Ackerman tells a story of the Syrian civil war through the lens of an Arab-American who meets a Syrian refugee couple. The novel explores themes of failure, grief, and whether to keep faith or begin anew
In conversation...
2018_MD_GBF_Wife_1805193Gaithersburg Book Festival (2018) -- The Wife Between Us: Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen
Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen
The Wife Between Us
An instant New York Times Bestseller, twisted and deliciously chilling,The Wife Between Us exposes the secret complexities of an enviable marriage - and the dangerous truths we ignore in the name of love.
Moderated by Jennifer Bort...
2019_MD_GBF_Reception_190517245Gaithersburg Book Festival (2019) -- Author Reception
Lots of folks here including: Jud Ashman, Fred Bowen, Dave Roman, Jonathan Roth, Russell Ginns, Randon Noble, Wade Hudson, Cheryl Hudson, Maya Motayne, Julie Langsdorf, Andrea Bartz, Jannifer Yacovissi, Garrett Peck, James Swanson, Minh Le, Alan Gratz, Jackie Craven, Randon Noble, Susan Tan, Ellen...
2019_MD_GBF_Lipman_19051810Gaithersburg Book Festival (2019) -- Elinor Lipman (In conversation with Jenny Yacovissi)
Elinor Lipman, Jenny Yacovissi -- The delightful new romantic comedy from Elinor Lipman, in which one woman's trash becomes another woman's treasure, with deliriously entertaining results, has been described as funny, warm, sharp, smart, and full of love for family, no matter how flawed.

2019_MD_GBF_SBJL_19051816Gaithersburg Book Festival (2019) -- Sarahlyn Bruck, Julie Langsdorf (Moderated by Jenny Yacovissi)
Sarahlyn Bruck, Julie Langsdorf, Jenny Yacovissi -- Join debut novelists Sarahlyn Bruck and Julie Langsdorf to explore suburban dreams as they combust. Tension, grief and dysfunction give rise to change and personal growth.

Sarahlyn Bruck
Latest Title: Designer You
Sarahlyn Bruck writes...
2018_DC_Stephens_181028162Politics & Prose -- Alice Stephens ("Famous Adopted People")
Alice Stephens - Famous Adopted People
Stephens’s debut novel follows Lisa and Mindy, South Koreans and best friends since their childhood adoption by American parents. In their twenties as the novel opens, the two meet in Seoul at Mindy’s insistence to track down their birth parents. But Lisa has just...
2016_MD_Books_AliveM_16043060Washington Writers Conference (2016) -- Saturday -- Miscellaneous
Join the DC literary community and successful authors, agents, and publishers from around the country for the 4th Annual Washington Writers Conference. See why this inspiring and instructive two-day conference has quickly become a leading literary event in the DC area.
2018_MD_WWC_P04_18050526Washington Writers Conference (2018) -- Panel: Alice McDermott w/Tayla Burney
Panel 4:
Alice McDermott in Conversation with Tayla Burney (introduced by Jenny Yacovissi)
2018_MD_WWC_P01_18050522Washington Writers Conference (2018) -- Panel: Book Promotion for Authors (w/Katharine Sands)
Panel 1:
"Book Promotion for Authors" by literary agent Katharine Sands
Welcome from the Independent’s president, Salley Shannon (introduced by Jenny Yacovissi, conference chair)
2018_MD_WWC_P05_18050570Washington Writers Conference (2018) -- Panel: Lunch w/Bob Schieffer
Panel 5: Lunch
Keynote speaker: Veteran broadcast journalist and author Bob Schieffer (introduced by Gene Meyer)
2018_MD_WWC_P10_18050525Washington Writers Conference (2018) -- Panel: There’s Always a First Time
Panel 10: (Concurrent)
There’s Always a First Time: Debut Authors Across Genres and Publishing Paths
* Jenny Yacovissi, moderator, author of Up the Hill to Home
* Paula Tarnapol Whitacre (biography), author of A Civil Life in an Uncivil Time: Julia Wilbur's Struggle for Purpose
* Caroline...
2019_MD_WWC_P08_19051118Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- "Historical Fiction: Making It Real"
"Historical Fiction: Making It Real"
Moderator: Jenny Yacovissi
Eugenia Kim, author
Zach Powers, author
Stephanie Dray, author

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2021_01_06C1_Losers2021322DC -- Rally: Trump Losers March on the Capitol
This was the last-chance day for supporters of the child president to overthrow democracy. After I left, the anti-democracy protestors stormed the US Capitol claiming they were protecting the Constitution while destroying it. (Partially reviewed)
2021_01_14C1_Loser_Protest_Misc55DC -- Rally: Trump Losers March on the Capitol (Inauguration minus 6 days) -- Barriers continue going up (Partially reviewed)
2021_01_17B1_Loser_Protest_Misc111DC -- Rally: Trump Losers March on the Capitol (Inauguration minus 3 days) -- Barriers continue going up (Partially reviewed)
2021_01_20B1_NCath_Inaug57DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Event: Illumination for Biden Inauguration (Partially reviewed)
2021_01_21B5_Biden_Flags54DC -- Event: Field of Flags for Biden inauguration @ National Mall
Because of concerns over additional militant seditious actions by Trump sheep, the Biden inauguration was largely devoid of public participation. To mark this, a Field of Flags was installed on the National Mall representing Americans who could not attend Biden's inauguration. Rouhgly 191,500 US fla... (Partially reviewed)
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