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Celebrity: Thompson,+Richard
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2014_DC_AwesomeA141Awesome Con DC (2014) -- Artists
Folks shown here: George Perez, Timothy Zahn, Dirk Benedict, Raphael Sbarge, Richard Horvitz, Maurice Lamarche, Veronica Taylor, John K. Snyder III, Joe Sutliff, Rob Balder (""), Steve Artley, SL Gallant ("GI Joe"), Andrew Aydin ("March"), ???, Nicholas Brendon, Veronica Taylor (again), Phil...
2010_MD_BCCRT34Baltimore Comic-Con (2010) -- Richard Thompson and friends
Artists: Richard Thompson, SL Gallant, and Sergio Aragones.
2008_DC_Drinks_08020717DC -- Drinks after the "Running for Office: Cartooning and Politics" event
Folks here were coming in after the National Archives event.
2007_MD_ThompsonsWC_07101267MD -- Bethesda -- Writer's Center -- Richard Thompson
An evening with Washington Post cartoonist Richard Thompson (whose strip "Cul-de-Sac" appears in the Washington Post Magazine, and "Richard's Poor Almanac" in the Style section). Thompson, who is going into national syndication this month, will talk about how he finds and develops ideas and will share...
2008_DC_NAROCP_080207102Natl Archives -- Panel -- Running for Office: Cartooning and Politics (w/Pat Oliphant, Ann Telnaes, Matt Davies, and Clay Bennett)
Running for Office: Cartooning and Politics: Award-winning editorial cartoons are often characterized by their originality, editorial effectiveness, and quality of drawing and dramatize a wide range of social and political issues with style and humor. Join moderator Stephen Hess, Distinguished Research...
2011_DC_NBF_Thompson_11092543Natl Book Festival 2011 -- Richard Thompson
Richard Thompson
The most recent Reuben Award, cartooning's equivalent of the Oscar, went to Richard Thompson, creator of "Cul de Sac," a strip born in The Washington Post seven years ago featuring the Otterloop family. Thompson also draws the "Richard's Poor Almanac" cartoon, and his new book is...
2007_VA_ThompsonsBD_07101366Personal -- Richard Thompson's 50th birthday party
The party was held at Nick Galifianakis' house. Lots of folks here including Kevin Rechin, Mike Rhode, Matt Wuerker, etc.
1997_VA_Thompsons30Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
1998_VA_Thompsons47Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
1999_VA_Thompsons38Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
2001_VA_Thompsons15Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
2002_VA_Thompsons53Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
A couple of visits to the Thompson homestead including one right before Christmas.
2003_VA_Thompsons40Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
2004_VA_Thompsons29Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
A few meetings here: ...
2005_VA_Thompsons13Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
A visit to the Thompson homestead.
2006_VA_Thompsons50Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
Including a tour of the outside of the Nottingham Elementary School.
2007_VA_Thompsons4Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
Another visit to the homestead.
2012_VA_Thompsons16Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
2013_VA_Thompsons3Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
Richard in rehab.
2014_VA_Thompsons11Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
w/Nick Galifinakis
2016_VA_Thompsons87Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
Two visits before I took off for San Diego Comic-Con. One with caricature artist John Kascht. And a later visit with the gang and hair coloring. Richard died while I was in San Diego so I never saw him alive again.
2007_DC_Thompsons_Folger3Personal -- Richard Thompson's family @ Folger Theater
Visit to the Folger Theater for their open house events.
2007_DC_Thompsons_LOC26Personal -- Richard Thompson's family @ LOC for his exhibit
Visit to the Library of Congress to see an exhibit which included one of Richard's works and then a trip back to the homestead in Virginia
2002_DC_ThompsonsNZ_0201275Personal -- Richard Thompson's family @ National Zoo
I was visiting the Zoo on my own and ran into the Thompsons there. So we hung out. I took several pictures including the only ones I'd taken of Amy's mother who died shortly thereafter.
2005_DC_ThompsonsNZ_05111924Personal -- Richard Thompson's family @ National Zoo
A visit together at the National Zoo where I could photograph the girls with the donor tile I had gotten for them.
2002_DC_ThompsonsNZ_02110336Personal -- Richard Thompson's family @ National Zoo (box-lunch for 8)
This was my box-lunch for eight benefit from the Friends of the National Zoo. The Thompsons were my first choice and they brought friends (Amy Bell, Julie, Janet, Janet's dad) and family and we had a great time.
2006_MD_RenFest_Thompsons37Personal -- Thompson family @ Maryland Renaissance Festival
Includes Richard's friend Barchan from the show.
1998_DC_ThompsonsO_98120820Personal -- Thompsons at art gallery opening (w/Pat Oliphant)
Richard Thompson and Pat Oliphant did a shared opening at the Susan Conway art gallery in Georgetown. Art Wood had alerted me to the event. It was the first time I'd seen Richard in quite awhile. I got to meet his wife Amy, their eldest daughter Emma, and the newby Charlotte.
2011_DC_Galifianakis_110211241Politics & Prose -- Nick Galifianakis ("If You Loved Me You'd Think This Was Cute")
Nick Galifianakis - If You Loved Me You'd Think This Was Cute:
Since 1997 Galifianakis has drawn the cartoons for the nationally syndicated advice column by Carolyn Hax, a selection of which appeared in the 2001 book, Tell Me About It: Lying, Sulking, Getting Fat ... and 56 Other Things NOT to Do While...
2010_DC_RTKK_100909186Politics & Prose -- Richard Thompson and Keith Knight
Richard Thompson & Keith Knight:
Richard Thompson -- Cul De Sac Golden Treasury (Andrews McMeel, $16.99), and
Keith Knight -- The Knight Life (Grand Central, $17.99).
In conjunction with the Small Press Expo (September 11-12 at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center), we’re delighted...
2016_DC_RThompson_Mem_160827207Richard Thompson Memorial Celebration @ National Press Club -- Mingling
Folks here include Amy Thompson, Charlotte and Emma Thompson, Chris Sparks, Steve Artley, Bono Mitchell, Linda and Annie Lunsford, Rudy Sanchez, Richard (Dick) Thompson Sr., Sara Duke, Ann Telnaes, Joe Azar, Michael Cavna, Mitch Auerbach, Timothy Thompson and Margot, Steve Conley, Nick Galifianakis,...
2016_DC_RThompson_Mem3_160827157Richard Thompson Memorial Celebration @ National Press Club -- Presentation
RIchard Thompson Memorial Celebration:
* Amy Thompson
* Rudy Sanchez
Featured Speakers:
* Anita Auerbach, President of the Virginia Psychological Association
* Brian Nicklas, friend and sandbox playmate
* Andy Heinmendinger, friend, neighbor and gensis behind the film The...
2009_CA_SDCCA105San Diego Comic-Con International 2009 -- Artists
Artists shown here:

Preview Night:
Bill Willingham, Matthew Sturges, Mark Buckingham, Kevin Eastman, Keith Knight, Scott Shaw!, Sergio Aragones, Tiffany Taylor, Laurie B, Batton Lash, Mike Carlin, Paul Levitz, Andy Runton, Matt Fraction, CB Cebulski, Mike Choi, Mark Brooks, Bill Morrison, RIchard...
2009_CA_SDCCP3_09072462San Diego Comic-Con International 2009 -- Panel: Spotlight on Patrick Oliphant
Spotlight on Patrick Oliphant -- Comic--Con special guest Patrick Oliphant -- one of the world's leading political cartoonists -- is interviewed by well-known cartoon authority and author Harry Katz, in a freewheeling one-on-one discussion of the political cartoonist's work, interspersed with live...
2009_CA_SDCCP7_09072324San Diego Comic-Con International 2009 -- Panel: Spotlight on Richard Thompson
Spotlight on Richard Thompson -- Comic-Con special guest Richard Thompson (Cul de Sac, Richard's Poor Almanac) has been doing the syndicated daily comic strip Cul de Sac for less than two years and it's already gotten raves from Bill Watterson, Art Spiegelman, and comics fans just about everywhere. Join...
2007_MD_SPX_Other_07101336Small Press Expo (2007) -- Other
These were pictures taken in the expo hall and around the conference center (including from a wedding photo shoot that was going on). People pictured here include:
- Steve Hamaker (coloring the reprinted "Bone" series by Jeff Smith),
- Paul Karasik ("I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets"),
2010_MD_SPX_Other_10091296Small Press Expo (2010) -- Other
Pictures of everything except the panels. Artists include: Tom McHenry, Kate Beaton, Robert Ullman ("Atom-Bomb Bikini"), Keith Knight, Michael Cavna, Xaime Hernandez, SL Gallant, Nate Neal, Jay Hosler, Ken Dahl, Roger Langridge, Dustin Harbin, Richard Thompson, Joe Lambert, David Malki !, Marguerite...
2010_MD_SPX_Panel3_10091233Small Press Expo (2010) -- Panel: Brave New Comic Strips
Brave New Comic Strips: The newspaper industry, long the home of American comics’ first popular dedicated format, faces an existential crisis presented by the emergence and proliferation of digital media. Against all odds, artists interested in the daily strip format continue to produce work with an eye...
2011_MD_SPX_Other_11091160Small Press Expo (2011) -- Other
Folks here include Roz Chast, Chester Brown, Dustin Harbin, Ryan Eggensperger, R.M. Rhodes, Keith Knight, Joyce Brabner, John Martz, Richard Thompson, Marguerite Dabaie, ???, Craig Thompson, ???, Kate Beaton, Sarah Glidden, Lisa Hanawalt, ???, Jim Woodring, and Roger Langridge.
2011_MD_SPX_Panel4_11091124Small Press Expo (2011) -- Panel: Ann Telnaes Q+A
Ann Telnaes Q+A:
Ann Telnaes trained in animation at Cal Arts and worked at Disney before turning her attention to politics. Her syndicated political cartoons appear thrice-weekly on the Washington Post’s website and elsewhere, and in 2001 she became only the second woman to win a Pulitzer Prize for...
2015_MD_SPX_Other_150919125Small Press Expo (2015) -- Other (Saturday)
Folks shown (in order): (DC Conspiracy:) ???, Matt Dembicki, Jason Rodriguez, Jason Axtell, (Little Nemo:) Josh O’Neill, Andrew Carl and Chris Stevens, (Top Shelf:) Chris Staros, Keith Knight, (Curls:) Carolyn Belefski, Joe Carabeo, Nick Galifianakis, (Gang:) Mike Rhode, Warren Bernard, David Apatoff,...
1999_DC_HirschfeldC_9905183Smithsonian Associates -- Cartoonist folks at Al Hirschfield event
Folks include: Richard Thompson, Ron Every (cartoon fan-geek), Nick Galifianakis, Mike Mikula (editorial cartoonist for the Arlington Sun), Keven Kallaugher (KAL; editorial cartoonist for the Baltimore Sun),and Chuck Smith (Style Invitational and ghost writer for quite a few comic strips).
2008_VA_Mardi_Gras_08020579VA -- Arlington -- Mardi Gras Parade (2008)
2008_VA_Bonotom_08020550VA -- Arlington -- Mardi Gras Party @ Bonotom
Bono and Tom are having the annual Mardi Gras Parade Party at the studio on Fat Tuesday, Feb. 5, from 6 pm until the parade starts, out front, at 8 pm. We'll have pizza and subs (as long as they last), and plenty of beads to wear and toss. Bring your own favorite beverage. The King Kong/Godzilla Float...
2012_VA_Team_CDS_120610147VA -- One More Page -- "Team Cul De Sac" book launch
Team Cul De Sac book launch!!
On Sunday, June 10, from 5 - 7 pm, Terry is taking over the store for a fundraiser celebration to launch the Team Cul de Sac Collection.
Team Cul de Sac: Cartoonists Draw the Line at Parkinson's contains original artwork from cartoonists and illustrators inspired by the...
2014_VA_Art_Of_RT_141206108VA -- One More Page @ Arlington Central Library -- Art of Richard Thompson -- Mingling
We are honored, thrilled, excited (add your own adjective) to host an event to celebrate the release of The Art of Richard Thompson. Featured guests include editors Nick Galifianakis, David Apatoff, Chris Sparks, and Mike Rhode, as well as Michael Cavna of The Washington Post. There will be discussion...
2014_VA_Art_Of_RT2_14120645VA -- One More Page @ Arlington Central Library -- Art of Richard Thompson -- Presentation
We are honored, thrilled, excited (add your own adjective) to host an event to celebrate the release of The Art of Richard Thompson. Featured guests include editors Nick Galifianakis, David Apatoff, Chris Sparks, and Mike Rhode, as well as Michael Cavna of The Washington Post. There will be discussion...
2014_DC_Pastis_14060276Washington Post -- Stephan Pastis
An evening with cartoonist and author Stephan Pastis, sponsored by the Washington Post. Stephan will be speaking about both Pearls and Timmy Failure, and signing books after.

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